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How is Issa a criminal? Facts please.
So, if the DOJ is "investigating" the targeting of conservative groupds by the IRS and the DOJ did not find out about the "lost emails" from the IRS (but from press accounts), wouldn't you anticipate that the DOJ would be looking to press Obstruction of Justice charges against someone at the IRS? Hmmm.
I believe that I understand - it is not your bosses business to determine what kind of contraception you might opt to use; but it is his business to pay for it in full.
to use his (so-called) logic - how does he know the 15-y/o's parent's "forced" her to go to PP?
Here's a better idea - DON'T PROVIDE PP WITH OUR TAX MONEY!
I think a study should be conducted to determine how many Federal Government worker's hard drives crashed from 2010 to 2013. In this study, I would like to know how many crashed; of those that crashed, how many had exactly no data that could be retrieved; and how many of these drives were subsequently "recycled".
Kinda like the "documentation" that the Holocast was hoax that thes student were provided. No?
Ok, I can possibly buy the critical thinking argument. However, the school board lied and told the press that no essays were written. Further, if this is truly a critical thinking exercise, I am sure the school board would gladly embrace next year's proposed Essay suggestion: "Was President Obama born in Hawaii as he now contends or was he really born in Kenya as he has stated in the past?"
Naber, YOU claimed the ONLY people that commented on your inane comment called you names. I simply pointed out that you must not understand the definition of the world ONLY in that WV Patriot commented and in no ways called you a name. Logic? I believe that has bypassed your intellect, son.
Please regale us with these FACTS of which you speak. At what point in the past was Palestine a formai country or region? And, please explain why, if Palestinians only want a land of their own, they rejected getting this in the 1948 accords? Finally, if Israel is an "apartheid" country, why do Muslims living in Israel enjoy vastly MORE FREEDOMS than Muslims living in Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc.?
If YOU believe in the "burden of proof", Missy, then please provide a scintilla of it regards to your idiotic comment that the Israeli right did the murder to incite genocide. I'll wait.
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