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In this ad, Udall also proclaims that "Coloradoans just want to live their lives free of government 'restricitions'". Laughable in that he voted for ObamaCare and a myriad other government restrictions during his (hopefully soon to end) tenure.
Liar! If you had any amount of integrity, you would at least concede that Bush passed DACA to "save" these children from the sex trafficing. However, since you have no integrity, you will push the meme that it was Bush's fault and let your fearless leader off the hook. Just answer the question asked, nimcompoop.
Nice deflection. Why didn't Bill Clinton push for gay marriage? Why didn't FDR pass universal healthcare? All good questions, no? But, unfortunately, entirely irrelevant.
So, let me get this straight. Dem's polled women in 2007 - 2012 and found that the "war on Women" resonated - so they rode that horse. Now, in 2014, their polling shows that the "War on Women" isn't resonating so they will, ostensibly, drop it. Guess they rode that horse into the ground.
And all were male (with that apparent "blindspot").
Mayhaps, it is Judge Bader-Ginsburg that has the blind spot. I'll bet she never considered that? I am certain that she would be screaming "religious freedom" if a law were enacted forcing all Deli's to offer bacon as an option on its sandwiches, no?
And this prompted President Obama to change his stance to - "the Israeli's acted stupidly. Thus, I have invited Mr. Netanyahu and Khaled Meshaal to the White House for a Hookah Summit"
Some people today absolutely have lost their common sense (apparently, their use of punctuation as well). The "civilized" folk of today will decry the use of guns (a right expressly granted in the U.S. Constitution) yet push for the destruction of a human fetus, the "right" to force others to bow to your personal beliefs as "civil rights" while these rights have to be conjured through mental gymnastics from the Constitution. AMERICANS AND THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS ARE ACTUALLY WHAT NEED TO BE DEFENDED from these "civilized" morons.
Neither Obama, Sebelius, Pelosi nor any of the Dem's voting this monstrosity into law knew about this "glitch" until they read about it in the news.
And NOW that the gay community is believing that they have some of the power, they are going to bully those that do not agree with them. That, my friend, is human nature - those that have the power (or believe that they do) will abuse it. The gay community is no different - as we are witnessing.
Are you serious? Fundamentalist Christians are not bullied in this society? Open your eyes.
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