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White House, you may be correct in that it is not a National Election. On the other hand, it IS an election that is a REFERENDUM on Obama's stewardship of this country.
So we are to believe that she was competent, but the evil corporation (run by her family), eliminated her position - even though she was a valuable employee. Right?
Hey Mary, if you were responsible for increasing sales to $50 or $60 million dollars, why would a compnay, not to mention one run by your family, eliminate your position? Do you really think that being "downsized" by your own family's company is better than being fired?
If you read the entire Atlantic article, it is fairly skewed in favor of Obama and against Netanyahu. Imagine that! It lays the initial tension between Israel and the US at Netanyahu's feet by continuing to build in the West Bank and by not backing Obama's peace initiatives. What a farce. I wish the Atlantic would not be so chickens%!t themselves and name the official - then we could ascertain his credibility as well as the comparisons to Begin, Rabin et al. (Not to mention, why didn't the Atlantic mention the comparisons of Obama to Eisenhower, Truman or Reagan? Ha!)
Are we to assume that Holder's wife, a physician, had proper security clearance to obtain this "Executive" information? If not, shouldn't AG Holder be prosecuted?
So, Barack, you have had a majority in the Senate since you took office. What has stopped you from "advancing your agenda" over these past 6 years? What would Michelle Nunn's being elected into office change? Please explain yourself, Mr. Professor, as your logic seems to be quite poor.
I wonder, is this ad supposed to fire up the left base or the right?
But, wait....Barack Obama was going to bring everyone together! He was the "post-racial", "post-partisan" President and was supposed to unite us. You mean that not only is he not uniting the country, he is also dividing the Democratic Party??? This can't be! Hahahahaha
So, I guess the corollary then is that the Democrat cuts to Defense Spending is the "cause" of ISIS?????
The only disabled people that Wendy (and most Dem's) cares about are those that are dependent upon the State.
"It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass." We did, Gwenyth. He had two years of full power at the start of his Presidency. What did he do with it?
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