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I guess we can't believe much of what comes out of this president's mouth - said more and more Americans every day. Is that what you meant to write, Lois?
We are barely a week into this foray and the C-I-C is already claiming that our initial intelligence was bad? And people still want to ascribe mega intelligence to this guy?
So, Nolen's actions (you know, an actual beheading) are considered "workplace violence" but Muriithi's comments (simply mentioning beheadings) are considered "terrorism"?
In actuality, you can call it whatever you want - it is still NOT BEEN PROVEN.
Udall's new ads are focusing on how he assisted the flood ravaged towns in Colorado last September and how Gardner voted with his party to shut down the Government last fall. Hahaha Gardner was there "assisting" the flood victims along with Udall and Udall voted lock-step with Obama perpetuating the shut down as well. What a dolt.
Yes, address immigration: Secure the border and deport those here illegally. Glad you look forward to that and yes, it will be AWESOME
I do not think that the Freedom of Information Act has an exception for being "too difficult to retrieve" does it?
His mentality is about as advanced as the nursery rhyme he used.
Wait just a minute..... there is nothing preventing an Aetheist from bringing in a bulletin. There was nothing preventing an Aetheist in NC from sitting in quiet contemplation before their meal. How again is this "discrimination"?
President Obama can interrupt his vacation to comment on the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO and to unleash the Federal government to "investigate", but cannot make a personal statement regarding the apparent murder of an American citizen by a terrorist group?
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