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I wonder if Rep. Ellmers finds it problematic that insurance companies require that a stolen automobile be "reported to the police" before they pay out a claim on the auto policy.
I wonder if President Obama will call the families of the slain officers like he did with Michael Brown's parents (but not Officer Terry's). Hmmmm.
So, you are saying this jihadist, and all like him, was dimwitted and ignorant? That could be dangerous.
I wonder if there had been mass demonstrations, looting and the like by conservatives after details of the IRS scandal came out, do you think that local, state and Federal government law enforcement been as tolerant? Additionally, would Governors and the DOJ look at these demonstrations as reasons to "have a discussion" within the country about equality? Or, would the jackboots have come down hard on these Americans expressing their "free spreech"?
I believe we have all heard that Mr. Obama ended the program of enhanced interrogation immediately upon taking office. Given that, what is Feinstein's hard-on on now with making this report public 6 years after the program ended?
Stephanopolous would have been a genius to pose the question to Obama in this manner: So, using your precedent, could say, a Republican president unilaterally create tough border enforcement measures using Executive Actions? Could that president create measures that would build a fence using your logic since there has been gridlock since the Reagan era on this particular issue?
If Mumia or Adegbile were white, I wonder what AG Holder would have to say about either? *** crickets ****
How many times did Prof. Gruber visit the WH during the formulation of ObamaCare? Probably about as many as Lois Lerner, who was there ostensibly for ObamaCare meetings. Now, for the height of irony, the WH will claim that Gruber was not there for ObamaCare meetings. Hahahaha, you really cannot make this stuff up.
Only if Dem's want to contest the election results.
White House, you may be correct in that it is not a National Election. On the other hand, it IS an election that is a REFERENDUM on Obama's stewardship of this country.
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