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Neither Obama, Sebelius, Pelosi nor any of the Dem's voting this monstrosity into law knew about this "glitch" until they read about it in the news.
And NOW that the gay community is believing that they have some of the power, they are going to bully those that do not agree with them. That, my friend, is human nature - those that have the power (or believe that they do) will abuse it. The gay community is no different - as we are witnessing.
Are you serious? Fundamentalist Christians are not bullied in this society? Open your eyes.
So, eric, are you intimating that if I go into a gay bar and flaunt my sexuality in all of their faces and demand that MY beliefs be respected in all of their faces, I will not be bullied? If so, you do not underestand "human nature".
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Hillary's Empathy Problem

DevinDenver Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 4:14 PM
Knowing what you know now, would you vote again for Bill Clinton? If the answer to that is NO, why in the world would you vote for his wife that not only enabled but also assisten his serial assaulting of women?
What investigators are claiming that everything was done according to Law and IRS policy, Lois? Any?
Lots of questions, but not the most important question - why would the media and the Admin want to pin this on Russia if it were not so? The corollary being, why would they protect Ukraine if this indeed were its doing?
But, Sen. Pryor wants us to believe that the snippets of ObamaCare success the Admin is pushing are NOT "anecdotes". Yes, his logic is about as good as his chance of being re-elected.
Wait a minute - didn't Koskinen report last week that none of the emails could be retrieved? Now, we hear that they might be able to retrieve some. So, the question remains, is Issa going to pursue perjury charges against any of these bureacratic tyrants?
How is Issa a criminal? Facts please.
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