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"When Romney is elected he should make an executive order making school choice and a voucher system..." ------------------ No. He should work with congress to abolish the Dept of Education. Which he will never do. P.S. Executive orders are unconstitutional.
The public education system in America is modeled after the Soviet system. The Jew pushed both. Know your enemy, conservatives. Pull your heads out of your a-$-$es. Stand up straight. Be men.
Are you a Meskin Carlos?
Lincoln... founder of the Republican party... and fascist extraordinaire. Please educate yourself, Nana. Your ignorance is embarrassing.
I blame the muzzies. Nuke the muzzies, and America will once again become exceptional.
We've been fighting the muzzies since the 7th century!
Marvelous Moshe the Chosen Person vs. "clarityseeker"(aka koolaid-drinker). Moshe wins again. Moshe cannot be defeated. Who can defeat Moshe? Surely no mortal.
Operation Keelhaul a Disgraceful Chapter in American History by Tom E Woods
Operation Keelhaul. Look it up.
Hey... wait a minute. I thought we was exceptional. What happened?
I agree. We wouldn't have this problem if it weren't for Reagan's amnesty.
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