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SocialismIsTheFuture Wrote: 31 minutes ago (10:49 AM) I'll answer it Doug. I can answer annything you throw out there. It's not the waters off California that would rise due to climate change. It's the Atlantic coast that is in danger.
SocialismIsTheFuture Wrote: 2 hours ago (1:29 PM) I am gonna go. I care a lot about Deandre and just wanna make sure he's ok. Of course if I find out he's with another girl I will put him in the morgue. Dont bother wasting your time trying to "discover" what my new screen name is....I'm not going to post in the same manner.
AskGermaine Wrote: 3 minutes ago (2:34 PM) I'd like to gut you like a fish and then pull out your intenstines
AskGermaine Wrote: 4 minutes ago (2:36 PM) Why I tried to stay under the radar name-wise.... Devils Dogs disgusting che posts. You know what? You people show yourselves to be trash and garbage....but more, to be scared and desperate because you know Obama is gonna win. Well on THAT day I will return and gloat over your defeat.....and I will smile at how miserable racist redneck Devil Dog is then. Now I'm gonna go because I am getting so anrgry Im starting to zone out...
AskGermaine Wrote: 1 hour ago (11:01 AM) Whites can't get over the fact they once ran the world and lost it and now don't. They can't get over the fact that they have to share power now with people of other races. They can't deal with the fact they are slowly becoming extinct due to global warming (white skin pigment was created by the ice age) and inter-racial coupling and births. face it, your time is limited and almost up AskGermaine Wrote: 1 hour ago (11:13 AM) No, its true......what we refer to as "whiteness" only involved during the last Ice Age
that i know that you did not intentionally murder me. your loving son, litle che
letters from Heaven, dearest mommy, mommy, i haver thought long and hard. how could someone who loves their child murder them? i came to the conclusion it was an ACCIDENT. you did not intemtionally murder me. like some species of snakes that can dislocate their jaws to eat large prey. you can dislocate your spine to bend over your lard and give yourself a mustache ride. but like the BOYS in DA HOOD know, you can suck a bowlingball thru a tailpipe. so it was not a shopvac that sucked me out. it was you. and since you arent human, that claw that tore me apart was actually your inner mouth like an alien from the movie "Alien". so i do not blame you for the accidental murder of myself mommy. i just wanted you to know......
AskGermaine Wrote: 1 minute ago (1:05 PM) Since this is Halloween, I would like to change that. I'd like to smash your fat head with a baseball bat like it was a rotten pumpkin.
you mean survivors as families oops busted again moshe
actually the closer the election the more DESPERATE they have been getting i believe their masters are pulling out all the stops and offering them a porkchop to go with their foodstamps
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