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Obama Impeachment Almost Complete

Despair101 Wrote: Mar 24, 2014 4:54 PM
where you planning of finding THEM, pray tell?
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Socialism Isn't Charity

Despair101 Wrote: Mar 20, 2014 3:27 PM
what's more, is the SHAME of begging has completely disappeared in ONE GENERATION. The welfare "mamas" talk trash about DESERVING their free $hit -- "gimme my obama-phone!" In nature, they'd have been devoured by insects!
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A Truly Great Phony

Despair101 Wrote: Mar 14, 2014 12:52 PM
Sadly, B.O. will STILL BE LAUGHING and we are all dupes of his collossal joke.
TERM LIMITS ! ! ! ! Get these arrogant thieves out of office and GET OUR COUNTRY BACK. The money is ours, the Constitution is ours...they're holding us all hostage by sheer fear
YES, YES absolutely true!
WE ALL ARE...only against our will! YOU'RE EXACTLY WHAT'S WRONG with my country
Joe McCarthy's...
The FIRST? Au contrare....I think that number is nearly as high as the deficit. The Obamas and Pelosis and Co got there with VOTES. Therein lies the stupidity
I think it could work! (for us anyhow..) Let's think of a name for "our" new states.
you'd think there was at least a minimum expectation to muster an original BS lie! I guess they know their voter base is exceedingly stoopid! (yes, I deliberately misspelled stupid...) Here's my suggestion: Let's have a states lottery - each side (lib v. conservative) shall take turns choosing which states they'll control/inhabit, like picking your schoolyard team - until the country is split into Blue states / Red states, then we'll see who wins! The left only wins while spending the conservatives' money! Let's have a demonstration what happens when they only get to spend their own! And a caveat, when everyone VACATES the lib states, the other side acquires it and it reverts to the policies of the victor. G'bye California (Pelosi-freak) - I estimate we can acquire it back in 3 years after their bankruptcy anyhow!
AMEN, Dustin! I mean that !
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