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touche! But NOBODY WANTED NEWT. He's smarter than those clowns an has no difficulty PROVING IT!
If you didn't KNOW, you ought to have at least SUSPECTED! This imposter has been talking out of the two sides of his face since they FOUND HIM! What don't you-all know about Illinois' politics? Spelled out or you; CORR-UP-TION...then CUBE same formula and you've got the AMINISTRATIVE BRANCH of US gov't. AND, expect the US to follow the same PATH as Chicago = BANKRUPTCY. And please remind yourself that it's all DELIBERATE
the "ruling class never learns" ?? WTF do THEY CARE? It's MY MONEY they're pi$$ing away! It's mr. John Q. Public that NEVER LEARNS! What's another TRILLION DOLLARS TO THEM?
T-R-E-A-S-O-N -- file charges on these monsters! Not only should they not remain in office, but their rights should all be suspended and charges of Treason filed. All they've done is ENCOURAGE MORE TERRORISTS which equates to endangering every American. AND THEY KNEW IT. They must be up to something even MORE DEVIOUS that they don't want reported / noticed. There is absolutely nothing about these people that Americans can trust anymore. NOTHING
still pulling on that worn-out sausage? Put it back in yer pants...we don't CARE what GW said. YOU and YOURS are killing this country from INSIDE. I hope GOD slaps you
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You Will Live Forever

Despair101 Wrote: Dec 08, 2014 2:49 PM
WHO are you asking? Maybe you need to pray for an answer, dingbat
SS ??? Are you TRYING to be funny?
Yep! Back To Africa! See how you like it there, PUNKS! Genocide is your only problem in Africa! These people really ARE TOO STOOPID not to see that their beloved B Obama is turning them into slaves all over again! I'd be indignant and definitely leave this awful country that supports you in every way, since you-all are so incapable....isn't THAT the logic of the welfare state? free Obama phones, free this - free that! IT AIN'T FREE, IDIOTS, it's costing you any shred of dignity you may have had from EARNING A LIVING and providing for your family. Not that too many idiots read this site, but...just stating the obvious!
they aren't any such thing! They know EXACTLY what they're doing and WE ARE THE IDIOTS for swallowing their ludicrous lies. They cry "race" and we cower and shut the heck up EVERY TIME.
Gary has his FACTS STRAIGHT. Don't be misled by this election landslide. These new "republicans" will easily allow Barack to still give away the farm (to more welfare voters) because he's a spoiled, arrogant traitor who has nothing to lose but "saving face". Reminds me of Kim Jung Il
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The Democrats' Achilles' Heel

Despair101 Wrote: Oct 31, 2014 2:59 PM
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