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It was not the teachers' failure to begin with! It's the ratio of administrators to students 1:3 (est.) that bogs down the budget compounded by the pitiful, dumbing-down of American curriculum in an effort to not wound any itty-bitty feew-ings. Oh and teaching third graders about same-sex-ed and cross-dressers and bullying, and GLOBAL WARMING.... nevermind that mathematics, physics and history silliness!
go away. What does your blather have to do with ANYTHING in this? Go praise y'self in the mensroom mirror some more
Welcome back to the fray D. Cheney! Glad to hear from an American MAN with a pair! I think Michelle sealed Baracks' in a jar somewhere
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Losing Our Sovereignty

Despair101 Wrote: Jun 19, 2014 8:54 AM
I'd like to see every ballot from here on, have a write-in for citizens to have their say - NOT the re-twisting blather out of some pols mouth. CLOSE THE BORDER, NO MORE FREELOADERS! That's my write-in!
they're paid what they're worth...which is nothing. They come here and we give them tens of thousand of handouts and coddle their offspring - at the end of the day, they're still worth nothing. In Minn (somali US capitol) EVERYONE dislikes them. They don't produce anything in THEIR country but more criminals -
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D-Day: 70 Years Ago Today

Despair101 Wrote: Jun 06, 2014 4:56 PM
AMEN! A prayer for all those heroes. Thank you to ALL American warriors! Barb S
Let me correct you ROG - there are MANYof us who stand to honor our vets. We just aren't running off our big mouths on TV. PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE me with the slimy parasites behind this gov't.
I don't steal or take money from anyone else, therefore I'm a success. You can't hurt my wee little feelings with your silly insults, Neil. I just want to keep the money I WORKED FOR - PERIOD.
UNFORTUNATELY the "average voter" is as stooopid as you, Neil. You nauseate me! Move to Mexico or France, pal. I am making $20/hour and stuck donating HALFof that to losers/gov't-fed parasites because of idiots like you!
Can we make a trade with the Taliban for OBAMA? (and Peolsi and Reid???) The whole bunch as far as I'm concerned!
This isn't about CARING about those kids, it IS ABOUT lowering the standard for AMERICAN-BORN CITIZENS to be just LIKE THEM. It isn't JUST B.O. either - it's the majority of the LIARS we are electing to represent US. They DON'T! The minute they're in office, we cease to matter until the next ELECTION CYCLE. We need to remind ourselves and each other who these LIARS ARE and evict them!
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