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SS ??? Are you TRYING to be funny?
Yep! Back To Africa! See how you like it there, PUNKS! Genocide is your only problem in Africa! These people really ARE TOO STOOPID not to see that their beloved B Obama is turning them into slaves all over again! I'd be indignant and definitely leave this awful country that supports you in every way, since you-all are so incapable....isn't THAT the logic of the welfare state? free Obama phones, free this - free that! IT AIN'T FREE, IDIOTS, it's costing you any shred of dignity you may have had from EARNING A LIVING and providing for your family. Not that too many idiots read this site, but...just stating the obvious!
they aren't any such thing! They know EXACTLY what they're doing and WE ARE THE IDIOTS for swallowing their ludicrous lies. They cry "race" and we cower and shut the heck up EVERY TIME.
Gary has his FACTS STRAIGHT. Don't be misled by this election landslide. These new "republicans" will easily allow Barack to still give away the farm (to more welfare voters) because he's a spoiled, arrogant traitor who has nothing to lose but "saving face". Reminds me of Kim Jung Il
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The Democrats' Achilles' Heel

Despair101 Wrote: Oct 31, 2014 2:59 PM
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No Risk in Global Warming!

Despair101 Wrote: Oct 27, 2014 3:36 PM
AND cigarettes! Suddenly marijuana is fine, but those AWFUL CIGARETTES....My BS barometer consists of an arrow that points to "THEY ARE LYING" whenever they talk. My first wish is that only the stupid and gullible had to pay for their stupidity...but I get billed along with them. My next wish is that I live long enough to see "them" get what they deserve.
SADLY, we've devolved to a citizenry WITHOUT ANY COMMON SENSE. The "news" people have to instruct us about the most common logic things because our (ranked 24th of 26 countries) public school system is too focused on dumbing-down your kids and filling young minds with LIBERAL DRIVEL for the second generation. Sadly it is working. If you care about your children, they need to be in expensive private school. If you don't find a way to give your children a useful education, you are a neglectful parent. Their wake-up call awaits.....
"getting to be"...yes, I'd say we're near the point of no return. The next generation has NO IDEA what the truth fact they have NO IDEAS OF THEIR OWN AT ALL. The heavily Left-leaning public schools have forgotten all about ABC's and 123's - instead they pack children's minds with Global warming fiction, celebrating the Gay-ness of everyone else's parents (don't they teach that two men CANNOT make babies??) and now in MN we are considering new LAWS for transgender HIGH SCHOOL athletes on the field? NONE OF THIS is the schools' damn business first of all, and these kids are the future of the USA. If we don't turn the page on this power-hungry government, America is DOOMED. Freedom will be erased from our lives and certainly our history books. WE let this happen - WE MUST FIX IT!!
The citizenry is far too complacent and accepting of our "leaders" lying. Who doesn't know for certain that they're 100 percent full of $h1t? We ALL DO and yet we vote them in again and again. Realistically, just the threat of vacating their lifelong pensions/free healthcare should suffice! Put the pathetic SOB's in OBAMACARE! R.I.P.
EVERY veteran is 100 percent better than EVERY liberal! No exceptions
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Look Who's Data Mining Your Toddlers

Despair101 Wrote: Oct 10, 2014 11:20 AM
it occurs to me that the TV show is meant to suggest that BIG Brother is always there to HELP all the other TV where every sit-com family has gay, transgender, etc. members so WE all accept their "normal" and GLEE, that every kid in high school is getting laid as normal. Acceptable Debauchery is our MN they are legislating transgender high school athletes!!! How many of THOSE are there? I'm sure we can live without this, but the Dayton-freaks are frothing at the mouth to shove this up our collective @$$. Protect our P-R-I-V-A-T-E schools, that's all I can hope for
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