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Let's see, we need to be more forceful in repelling the child invasion. What a change, no love for the poor downtrodden "undocumented" anymore, Jeb? You lying p.o.s. Now that 76% of the country are opposed to the current invasion, you have a change of heart. Rove brought us McCain, Romney and is proposing Christie and Bush. When are we going to dump the architect and get a true Conservative Candidate, like Perry or Cruz???
What difference does it make, Now? This is really a Freudien slip, she really meant this comment: "What difference does it make now, we won the election!"
There is constant talk about border security and we all know that no one intends to deliver that. What we really need is Voter Security. As a resident of California my vote has been lost due to thousands if not millions of illegal aliens who register via the Motor Voter act. A simple checkbox to indicate you are a citizen. No one, ever, not even one, has ever been prosecuted for registering to vote, at least in California, when they are not a citizen. So, we'll have 11 million (more likely 20 million) newly registered Democrat voters. They may not vote, their ballots can be sent to another address other than their residence, which I'm sure will wind up in an illegal voting processing center..
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A Growing, Modern Republican Party

Desert Pete Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 1:43 PM
Well, we've been led by the establishment Repub for the last two elections, what a success record. couldn't beat a president with the worst economic record since JC, no accomplishments for 4 years, other than shoving Obamacare down the throats of Americans, in the dead of the night. Yeah, we need to listen to the "big tent" garbage. The biggest success in the last hundred years for a change in the House was 2010, and even after getting the 2012 election stolen on the presidential side, the House is still in the Republican's hands. There is only one reason: The Tea Party !! Let's all get on board, get a true conservative candidate identified early and walk all over Hillary, the leader of the Bengazi slaughter, in 2016.
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