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Reminds me of that immortal line from Woody Allen's "Sleeper": When asked how World War III started, he replied, "It started when a man named Albert Shanker got the bomb".
Sorry, I originally read that as Keynesian...
A century ago we had the concept of the "poor farm". A partially self supporting place where the indigent could go to turn their life around. It was not an easy life, but it taught hard work brings results. While it would be expensive to restart these days, I think there would be a multiplier effect that those on the dole would rather find work than go to the "farm". Disability would need to be determined by doctors with no interest in the outcome. Military physicians would be best, as they already have to sort out malingerers, but they are probably already overworked. Minimum wage would need to be repealed as people would need to sell their labor for what it is worth rather than what the government says it is worth. If you can't raise a family with what you make, you have no business starting a family. This was the ethic a century ago. That ethic needs to return. It sounds harsh to modern ears, but any other way will lead to ruin.
Fine then, you give them a $1.50 tip. Tell your friends to help out, but don't have the government force it on us at the point of a gun.
What will happen with a higher minimum wage is more entry level jobs will be lost. The sad thing is that these lost jobs will never show up in any statistics. Employers will just automate and not fill the old positions. The high school students that would have had these jobs won't ever know that they could have had a job. They will just complain that you can't find a job these days. As a fast food employer, ten years ago we employed 16 people to run the store. Today it is 12. This is because of increases in the minimum wage here in the PRC (Persons' Republic of California). Automation has allowed us to keep prices level despite inflation in food and paper costs. Profit margin is about the same. Bottom line is that there are several dozen kids that never had a chance at that first job because the job just disappeared. As the minimum wage goes from $8 to $10 per hour over the next couple of years, more jobs like this will disappear. We are running harder and harder just to stay in place!
People don't seem to realize that a minimum wage job should not be a career. If you only have a minimum wage job, you should not be trying to raise a family. A century ago, a woman would not go out with you if you did not have a good income and good prospects. Has Feminism really lowered standards that much? A minimum wage job should be a stepping stone to a better paying job.
Well, California has already started down this path and will prove an interesting test case. The minimum wage rises to $9/hr next year and $10/hr the year after that. As a small business owner, it means that I will be installing more automation and hiring fewer workers. I hire mostly high school students and give them their first job. Now fewer of them will get that crucial experience. The big problem is that no one will know that they didn't get that job because the minimum wage was too high. They just become another invisible unemployment statistic.
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42 and Falling Fast

Desert Denizen Wrote: Nov 02, 2013 4:40 PM
I do not think that President Obama has it in him to change course and try to bring the nation together. Which of his sycophants will whisper in his ear that the emperor has no clothes? The only one with the stature to do that was Hillary Clinton; and she is lining up for 2016. So... That leaves the Republican Party to stand up to him for the next 3 years if they can manage to grow a backbone.
Says Scahill: "The Role of journalists is to hold those in power accountable..." WOW! If only that were true! I look forward to non-stop reporting on the Obama Administration from this new news outlet. Not!
You miss the point completely. Most of Congress is there not for the pay, but for POWER! The pay is only equivalent to a moderately successful business professional or doctor. Many Congressmen are multimillionaires. The real currency is reelection.
Minimum wage rise means fewer jobs. 10 years ago at our fast food restaurant we used to employ 17 kids in their first job. Now it is down to 12. After the California Minimum Wage increase, we will install more automation as it becomes cost effective and cut the number of jobs again. This is the only way we can survive, as raising prices cuts the number of customers. The losers will be high school and junior college kids who won't even know why they didn't get their first job.
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