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The easiest way to fix this is to make a random delay of 100-400 milliseconds for each trade. This is about the response time of a human trader and for most trades won't even be noticed.
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Big Government Really Is Over

Desert Denizen Wrote: Apr 01, 2014 10:17 PM
Looks like folks are looking at the Swiss model. Strong defense, limited government, most of the decisions made at the canton level. Much there to like.
Once again it is political failure that drives economic failure. The IMF, for all their other failings, is advocating needed reforms. The problem is that the political leadership and the people are unwilling to face up to the problems that they inherited from the breakup of the Soviet Union, as well at the problems that the government created since then. The IMF then becomes a useful scapegoat for internal problems. This situation is not unlike the problems we have with financial and entitlement reform here. The thing is that we won't have the IMF come along to force change. The United States is "too big to fail". Well, not "too big to fail", but really "too big to bail out".
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No Tomorrow Living for Today

Desert Denizen Wrote: Mar 21, 2014 11:55 PM
I have worked very hard to save for retirement, not taking vacations and buying things, but saving and investing. What worries me is that the 80% who saved nothing will go to their congress critters and point at me and say, "Its not fair that he has so much retirement income, I want some of that!" Lo and behold, that big IRA and 401K become a reelection kitty for said congress critters to distribute to ensure the support from the 80%. The new grasshopper and ant parable will then be played out.
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Democrats, How Much Will You Take?

Desert Denizen Wrote: Mar 02, 2014 12:12 PM
Editor! Editor! Where is the Editor? "Obama’s single-handed rewriting of the Affordable Care Act should make them shutter." What are they going to do? Cover the windows? Well, at least it passed the spell checker.
Republicans don't have a lot of credibility on the debt limit after passing that porky "bipartisan" agriculture bill. But still, if not now, WHEN?
Apparently we do not need Congress to pass a law on this. If the Federal Courts can require gay marriage to be recognized in states that do not allow it, the CCW should certainly be allowed in all 50 states and territories. After all, if the courts can find that "right" in the constitution, they should be able to find it in the Second Amendment. It is an individual right according to the Supreme Court. Just need to tie the two rights together and give the liberals some of their own medicine (Not Obamacare this time!).
My wife came here legally and she is extremely angry about any illegal immigration. She considers them line jumpers. If the Hispanic lobby wants to have fair immigration to mirror the rest of the world, we need to import 50 million Chinese, 40 million Indians, and 20 million more from Africa. Oh yes, and completely cut off immigration from south of the border until racial balance is achieved. Somehow I don't see the Hispanic lobby going for that.
Reminds me of that immortal line from Woody Allen's "Sleeper": When asked how World War III started, he replied, "It started when a man named Albert Shanker got the bomb".
Sorry, I originally read that as Keynesian...
A century ago we had the concept of the "poor farm". A partially self supporting place where the indigent could go to turn their life around. It was not an easy life, but it taught hard work brings results. While it would be expensive to restart these days, I think there would be a multiplier effect that those on the dole would rather find work than go to the "farm". Disability would need to be determined by doctors with no interest in the outcome. Military physicians would be best, as they already have to sort out malingerers, but they are probably already overworked. Minimum wage would need to be repealed as people would need to sell their labor for what it is worth rather than what the government says it is worth. If you can't raise a family with what you make, you have no business starting a family. This was the ethic a century ago. That ethic needs to return. It sounds harsh to modern ears, but any other way will lead to ruin.
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