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Rand Paul: GOP Must "Evolve"

desar Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 2:15 AM
You're right on all points, The morons are morons, they try to actually say in politics that a woman should have to have a rapists, even a total stranger and-or from a different race, child. Stupid, stupid, stupid ! Morons, morons, morons ! Democrats were-are rolling on the floor laughing uncontrollably with dreams-visions of a crushing victory against the "Stupid Party" once again as in 2006-10, 12 ! Nov-2012, US women left the Rep Party hanging in droves ! Stop being so Stupid ! Don't ever mention it the "Stupid-Party-Akin-Mourdock" way ever again in any way connected-related to a, Republican and-or Conservative political-statement-speech-gatherng-platfrm-candidt-US-Congrsmn-Sentr-politicn-beurocrat-race, Except as Panda stated !
Rising GOP star Rand Paul made some surprising comments about his own party in an interview on Sunday, acknowledging the GOP's recent public image struggles and the need for a kind of evolution.

Speaking to a New York City radio station, Paul said "we are not popular" while pointedly noting the party's struggles in New England and on the west coast.

"We think the Republican Party needs to evolve and adapt, or we are going to become a permanent minority party... we think a little more of a libertarian Republican, someone who is a strict...