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Allen West Won't Run Again

desar Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 5:50 AM
O said, Dec 21, 2012: I looked carefully at the photo with Obama and the FB family photo. The dress is the same but there is something else and it is called genetics. The subject has high full cheek bones, a wider nose, hair parted a certain way, but above all there is a natural smile - none of these characteristics that I can see belong to her sisters. I say it has to be her ! I remember this movie years ago on tv, whereby, a couple were walking through the woods and witnessed a satanic sacrifice, it turned out that all the citizens of this small community were satanists, and went after them. I get a bad feeling seeing the people in Newtown, as they are a strange looking bunch from observation. Something does not add up, and this
After a close election and a drawn-out recount process, former Congressman Allen West has said he has no plans to run again for office. The Congressman from Florida was popular around the country with grassroots conservatives and made waves on multiple occasions for provocative rhetoric, but nonetheless failed to garner the votes necessary for re-election.

“My commitment is to the future of the next generation of Americans,” West told the [Palm Beach Post]. “So if all you want to know is if I am running for Congressional District 18, the answer is no. My sights and objectives,...