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Allen West Won't Run Again

desar Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 5:31 AM
offer the masses a solution. Sandy Hook looks like a staged event as well with a problem, and the solution is to take guns away; Just create out of thin air an enemy, and the masses fall for it everytime. This time the enemy is the citizens of USA, as they become the enemy of the State, and when the guns are taken away trashing the 2nd amdt, all will be lost, and the citizens become slaves to the illuminati with no way out. We in Canada will be next ! In the picture of the Parker family, Emilie's hair is parted on the right just as it is in the picture of the "sister" with the president. But in the family photo, the younger sister's hair is parted on the left unlike the "sister" who is with the President. Her younger sister in the
After a close election and a drawn-out recount process, former Congressman Allen West has said he has no plans to run again for office. The Congressman from Florida was popular around the country with grassroots conservatives and made waves on multiple occasions for provocative rhetoric, but nonetheless failed to garner the votes necessary for re-election.

“My commitment is to the future of the next generation of Americans,” West told the [Palm Beach Post]. “So if all you want to know is if I am running for Congressional District 18, the answer is no. My sights and objectives,...