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Obama Refuses to Comment on HIllary Taking Fall for Libya

dergen Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 5:17 PM
Oct-16-2009 - Obama channeling Bill Clinton: loosens missile technology controls to China ! "Those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it" In 1996, Pres Bill Clinton personally signed an Exec-Order transferring control of satellite technology from the State-Dept to the Comerc-Dept, thus releasing restraints on a wide variety of sophisticated space-missile-tech which were then exported to China ! The Chinese are not our friends and consistently export arms and missiles to those who don't wish America well. W-Times: "Obama loosens missile tech controls to China !” Pres Obama recently shifted authority for approving sales to China of missile-space-tech from the W-H to the Comerc-Dept, a move critics say will loosen export

In his latest refusal to fulfill the duties of President of the United States, Barack Obama failed to comment about whether Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was really responsible for the events leading up to and following the attack in Benghazi on 9/11. When asked directly about Clinton's role, Obama walked away.

And no, you didn't miss when President Obama held a press conference about Libya, he hasn't done that yet.