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LIVE OPEN THREAD: Romney vs. Obama, Take II

dergen Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 2:34 AM
cash machine. The money lines between Beijing and Bill Clinton all meet at an unused electric power plant in east Java. The Clinton power bill has come due ! What Bill-Hill-Clinton did with Comunist-China was-is-way-beyond-outrageous ! B-C was-is a Monumental-Collossal-Treasonous-Traitor. B-C's admin-Cabinet-Dept-Agncs were a politically-$$-motivated-$$-agenda-crime-wave ! Now before the election, We should all bring all of this out on as many Political-News-Radio-TV-Websites as we can and pin it on Bill-Hill-Clinton, Obama, DNC, Dems, Comnst-China, their-over-importing-goods-products-to-the-US, stealing-US-patents, cyber-hacking-sabotage-warfare, massive-military-buildup, Chinese-currency-Yuan-manipulatn ! China Gate Candidates Bill

HEMPSTEAD, NY - The Denver Dance ended badly for The One, so tonight's payback time, or something.  Will Obama stanch the bleeding, or could Mitt Romney bolster his emerging lead?  Watch the presidential candidates tangle below, follow our live tweets, and contribute your two cents in the comments section throughout the exchange.  Hear that?  It's the bell ringing for round two.  Away we go...