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Take Care America: "1.5 Billion bin Ladens"

Derfel Wrote: Sep 15, 2012 6:08 PM
I propose a solution to several concerns that various entities find most pressing. The Left seems occupied by AGw and over population and the fair destribution of resources. The Right is fixated by foreign policy and the out of control situation in Islamic lands. I propose we use a Left wing solution to assist in both a Left and Right wing issue. The pResident proudly claims "he"OBL repeatedly, so now we have !Q.% billion OBL's. Can you see where this is going ? Everybodies problem solved. I fully realize what is being suggested here , but we are lectured on a regular basis by the UN of the need for sacrifice, my idea only focuses the sacrifice in a place they did not intend although the results will be the same.

Graffiti that has been sprayed across the U.S. Embassy in Egypt reads, "Take care America, we are 1.5 billion bin Ladens."