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Environmentalism and Human Sacrifice

Derfel Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 7:23 PM
Allow me to point out that true believers of the Third Reich felt that the final solution was well intentioned. When you are the ones doing the dying the intentions of your killers whether good or evil is of little consequence. Heck killing people for their own good, this is starting to sound like a religion.
rmccarthy Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 7:52 PM
And the poor peoples of the Earth have plenty of reason to worry about strange things being offered as an answer to their plight.

Last week, Bjorn Lomborg, the widely published Danish professor and director of one of the world's leading environmental think tanks, the Copenhagen Consensus Center, published an article about the Philippines' decision, after 12 years, to allow genetically modified (GM) rice -- "golden rice" -- to be grown and consumed in that country.

The reason for the delay was environmentalist opposition to GM rice; and the reason for the change in Philippine policy was that 4.4 million Filipino children suffer from vitamin A deficiency. That deficiency, Lomborg writes, "according to the World Health Organization, causes 250,000 to 500,000 children to go blind...