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This is the same desire Hamas has, let us see who can make their dream come true. What everyone is forgetting here is just who started the fighting. Hint, it is the same group that is getting their @$$E$ handed to them. The Israel's are within their rights to beat them senseless.
I am an ardent non-believer, however to come to this conclusion I have read the "holy" books of the major religions. I do not remember any positive references to same sex liplocks in any of them, in fact most references coupled death as a solution to the problem.
What does a Cuomo know about ethics ? Neither Andy or his old man ever had any.
Morals is a word used to intimidate, an excuse to impose your views on others. Morals are fungible, they are as pliable as ones point of view. At best morals are a poor measure of behavior.
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GUILTY: For Just Being Christian

Derfel Wrote: Jul 20, 2014 6:38 AM
Let me state that persecuting anyone for their beliefs is wrong. What I find interesting is how Christians now find themselves in a situation where they are now on the receiving end again of that they themselves practiced and perfected for more a thousand years. Is this not the same modus oiperandi used to justify the rape of the new world and the domination of Asia ? Why is it now offensive ? One reaps what one sows, what goes around comes around, rather inconvenient isn't it.
Williams needs to be shown the door here ! There is no defense for not doing your job. The pResident has abdocated his responsibilties and is UNFIT for office, he is a traitor.
T^he fraud in public schools has been evident since Dewey, it was their original intent. How has it taken so long to discover this ? Anyone outside the system even of the meanest intelligence could clearly see it.
Libertarianism requires that a person have a basic level of honesty inherent in their character, a passion for freedom and liberty and a modest compassion for the rights of others. This is contradictory to professional politicians who's desire is to attain a position of power over others. Altruistic arguments will never win over those who's primary principle is life is self service at the expense of others. The problems facing this nation are varied and many, but the can be summed up and defined by just two words "professional politician". Term limits are the answer along with the limiting of unanswerable bureaucrats.
If Dingy had any honesty he would be forced to admit that assuming the border were secure that deportation would be equally as effective at solving the problem as amnesty. At a much lower long term cost to the taxpayer.
The fatal flaw with ALL Liberal "thinking" is that special treatment of selected groups constitutes equality. Special was never,is not and will never be equal.
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