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Let me say that I am a libertarian/anarchist and if your agenda is to push your beliefs on others and impose your vision, no matter what political flavor it is, I do hate you.
Donated to the Clinton Foundation no doubt. Where they will be just as readily available and with the added bonus that there is no tax burden. Isn't that CONVENIENT.
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America's Favorite Founding Father

Derfel Wrote: Jul 05, 2014 3:21 PM
Very few Americans have any concept of the debt this nation and our civilization owes Washington. We no longer teach it in our schools to our children, yet there is no more important lesson they could ever learn. Washington's greatness comes not only from the abilities he showed and the deeds performed, but from the things he did not do. Twice surrendering the power of kingship, that the People would have gladly heaped upon him, is so dramatic that it may well be his greatest legacy to We The People. Where is America's next Washington ? Would he or she please step forward, you are needed.
Ann is correct soccer is stupid, it is more exciting watching wheat being harvested.
The ONLY way to make government better is to eliminate 90% of it at ALL levels, anything less is a total waste of time and resources.
Open ,free,equal and fair is their rallying cry, they never seem to live up to their billing.
I will back any standard that they wish to implement, has long as it is first applied to ANYONE seeking public office or a taxpayer funded position of any kind, retroactively. If you receive any kind of compensation at the taxpayers expense you must pass the same evaluation as those imposed upon gun owners. That should put a crimp in the buttholes.
If she were enforcing the law we would not have the problem we have at present. It is not the lasw that is a problem it is the lawless obozo regime.
Simple solution to all this BS ! Put all suspected principles in the scandal in prison until we get to the TRUTH, that should speed things up exponentially.
Sorry but Ferdie's death was merely an excuse for what was going to happen any way. It would have found another cause no matter what.
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