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The assumption that the DHS contributes in the slightest to national security is laughable. The only thing DHS appears to be interested in protecting is its budget. This useless agency should be dismantled immediately.
When will these effing aholes realize that the government has no place in health care, nor does it possess the authority. Stop talking about replacing and get out of the god damned way and let the market function.
Then why are not these"leaders" and adherents of the religion of "peace" going out of their way to stop this supposed outrage of the highjacking of their religion ? They are not doing anything because they are full of $H!T !
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Murder on the Merriment Express

Derfel Wrote: Feb 23, 2015 3:01 PM
I fully agree that the XL Pipeline should already be completed. But our arguments should be accurate, crude oil is in no way flammable, highly or otherwise, it is combustible there is a significant difference.
One could be mistaken in thinking that getting credit for an economic recovery might actually require an economic recovery.
The"prominent publications" listed are not fit to line birdcages
Honor among thieves, how touching.
No, killing them makes them dead. In light of the threat imposed by the savages expanding that state, dead, should be increased exponentially.
How could anyone regardless of whether they are citizens or not and no matter their economic position be entitled to a refund if they did not pay taxes ?
I have money that says the jerk giving the address was not 100% sober either.
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