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Self-Flagellation Republican Style

Derek85 Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 6:50 PM
No Republican, even Marco Rubio, will carry more than 30% of the minority vote if he is running against a minority Democrat. Even if Marco Rubio promised to make every illegal alien a full Citizen with full voting rights, he would lose the Spanish - Speaking vote 70% to 30% against a minority Democrat, or about what Romney did. If Republicans adopt Democratic - liberal policies they will not gain a single vote but they will lose Republican votes. Romney lost because Republicans did not show up.
Derek85 Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 6:55 PM
Charlie Rangel won re-election in New York by 91% to 9%.

If his opponent had supported gay marriage, supported abortion, courted the women, fought hard for voting rights for illegal aliens, supported spending to oblivion, championed huge deficits, supported 100% taxes on the successful, proposed increasing minimum wage to $100 an hour, ..... Rangel would win 91 -9.
The Republican National Committee is out with a 100-page analysis of how the party can revive its sagging fortunes. Doubtless many of the recommendations are good ones -- more outreach to minority and women voters, better candidate recruitment, fewer debates during the primaries, openness to immigration reform, competing with Democrats in absentee and early voting and much more.

Some of these things may help, or at least, as my grandmother would have said about chicken soup for a cold, they can't hurt. Others sound a little desperate, such as "Republican leaders should participate in and actively prepare for interviews with The...

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