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Rooting for Rich People and Longer Lines at Airports

Derek85 Wrote: Mar 06, 2013 8:47 PM
When the Arctic ice sheet becan to receed 10,000 years ago it covered the northern third of the US and all of Canada. As it melted it created the Great Lakes and the Mohawk and Hudson Valleys. Unfortunately Mobile Oil and the coal companies were not around to blame for this natural occurrance.
It's so weird to hear nothing but doom and gloom from government officials including Kathleen Sebelius who actually said yesterday morning that airports were already suffering with long lines. I was shocked by this bald-face attempt to stoke anger in people. Airport delays? Are you kidding me? I travel through LaGuardia and JFK where delays are part of the daily program - but now we can blame them on sequestration and mean old Republicans. The blame game is the shame game.

We are nearing the point where every inconvenience will have its genesis in GOP politics (unless it's clearly from global...
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