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Obama's Legacy Agenda: A Two Year War on the GOP to Make Nancy Pelosi Speaker in 2014

Derek85 Wrote: Mar 06, 2013 8:40 PM
Obama's 50% support is overwhelmingly in the big cities. I hope he and Pelosi spend a lot of time travelling to the rest of the country and letting their faces be shown to suburban and rural voters supporting the local Democratic candidates - that will assure that the Democrats get wiped out.

WASHINGTON - If anyone still thinks President Obama is serious about putting our fiscal house in order, Exhibits A and B prove he's been playing political games with this issue from the beginning.

Exhibit A: The White House high command saw the full sequester budget battle -- not as an effort to curb out-of-control deficit spending that's driving the government into unfathomable debt -- but as a relentless, politically-driven opportunity to bludgeon the Republicans in the upcoming 2014 midterm elections.

Obama's campaign-style events in recent weeks were a carefully- crafted effort in demagoguery to blame the GOP for the sequester law....