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Obama Barreling Toward Real Fiscal Cliff

Derek85 Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 6:31 PM
Excellent column, but be aware of the fact that few Democrats will read it or care. As with two other disasters, Marion Barry in Washington, DC and Charlie Rangel in New York, Obama will continue to receive the overwhelming support of Democrats no matter how bad he is and even if he destroys the economy, Obama owes everything he has to a series of government and college hand outs, grants, special programs, and special treatment and now political donations. He is very jealous of Americans who have succeded on their own. He does not see himself as an American and could care less about America. Unfortunately there seem to be few Democrats, even people who should know better like Bill Clinton, John Kerry, etc., who will act responsibly
Some commentators wonder why President Obama always engages in brinksmanship. Why can't he meet Republicans halfway, like Clinton did, they ask. Let me try to respond.

One blogger suggests that Obama prefers to play chicken, taking the nation right to the edge of a fiscal disaster because it will increase the likelihood that the GOP will cave. Perhaps, but there's more to it.

Many of us warned that Obama is not, by nature or ideology, a conciliator. He is not a centrist, and he's not someone who is interested in the other side's ideas. He knows what he wants to do, and he...