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Obama Overreach Includes Energy

Derek85 Wrote: Mar 24, 2013 11:24 PM
The "sustainable energy industry was just a bunch of Obama donors from the start looking for taxpayer's money.. Their ideas were always stupid. The Obama family and Nancy Pelosi should be forced to driving a Chevy Volt every day.

Following the Conservative Political Action Conference—known as CPAC—it has been reported that the faithful feel discouraged, dispirited, and defeated. Dr. Ben Carson, who emerged from the Conference as the new conservative darling, has stated that America is heading for failure. Generally, I agree. However, I see a chink in the armor.

The alliance of the environmental lobby and big government advocates have been winning—Obama is back in the White House, the new cabinet members seem worse than the last, and the Keystone pipeline has become a battle line. With the victory, however, they’ve perhaps gotten over confident and...