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Energy Prices are the Fiscal Cliff

Derek85 Wrote: Dec 09, 2012 10:31 AM
Next to employee costs and raw materials, energy is the next most expensive operating cost for manufacturers. Energy to run our machines, heat our buildings, and deliver our product. Unless the American consumer is willing to pay double for their next car, or washing machine, or lawn mower, mattress, .... Obama's windmills, solar panels and energy policy will force all of us to move to China to produce products that are cost competitive.

The stalemate going on in Washington about the fiscal cliff highlights the two very different economic viewpoints held, not just in Washington, but across America: more government, more taxes; less spending, lower taxes. But there is a third prong that is largely absent from the discussion: growth and creating new wealth—and energy can play a big role, but it, too, has two divergent sides.

To have success, both sides need to feel that they are getting what they want.

Energy should be part of the current fiscal cliff discussions because all recessions since 1973 have been preceded by a spike...

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