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Nice Losers

Derek85 Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 8:13 PM
As I saw Marion Barry - a two time drug dealer caught in the Washington Mayor's Office get re-elected, Charlie Rangel get re-elected with 91% of the vote, Jesse Jackson Jr. get re-elected despite both he and his wife being investigated for misuse of campaign funds, and then Obama .... I understood that the American people won't support someone who is qualified and successful; they are jealous of that. The Republicans need to be more like Democrats and run unqualified, self serving, candidates who will say anything, mostly not true, to get elected. This being nice is over.

Mitt Romney now joins the long list of the kinds of presidential candidates favored by the Republican establishment-- nice, moderate losers, people with no coherently articulated vision, despite how many ad hoc talking points they may have.

The list of Republican presidential candidates like this goes back at least as far as 1948, when Thomas E. Dewey ran against President Harry Truman. Dewey spoke in lofty generalities while Truman spoke in hard-hitting specifics. Since then, there have been many re-runs of this same scenario, featuring losing Republican presidential candidates John McCain, Bob Dole, Gerald Ford and, when he ran...