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If anyone attacked blacks the way Obama, Holder and Sharpton attack successful Americans the liberal press would run them out of the country. Imagine if we had a National Association of White People, or a White Congressional Caucus, or provided federal funds to enroll more white people and get them to turn out to vote, or formed a white people's ACORN to advise them how to avoid paying taxes instead of advising them how to get on every available welfare program.
The easy answer to the Immigration problem is to convert it into a trading system. We will trade everyone in our prison system, every able-bodied Food Stamps recipient, every able-bodied long-term unemployed person, for a hard working responsible Mexican. This will also decimate the Democratic Party.
Hillary is going to "donate" her enormous college speaking fees to the Clinton Foundation that is dedicated to the tax free support of Clintons in perpetuity.
Obama , Holder and Sharpton are three of the biggest racists in America. They will support foreigners: Africans, Muslims and Mexicans before they will do anything to support a white American.
Obama wants to support Susan Rice for president. Unfortunately she has gotten bad publicity every time he has sent her out to make major statements. He sees her as a clone of himself and wants a black woman to be the first woman president.
"Speaking Fees," large purchases of books, and mandated payroll deductions from union member's paychecks, are just a way to give a candidate money and avoid campaign finance laws.
In other words she is donating to a tax-exempt organization controlled by her, Bill and Chelsea which is going to pay their enormous expenses for the rest of their lives.
Lyndon Johnson would have held this guy up by his ears and told him to go back to wherever he came from.
WWII must have been president before George Washington because NO ONE has been as bad as Obama.
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BREAKING: SCOTUS Sides With Hobby Lobby

Derek85 Wrote: Jun 30, 2014 7:53 PM
There is no restriction on birth control. Anyone who wants birth control pills or condoms or anything else legal, can buy them. This is about the Democrats refusal to pay for anything. They demand everything for free at someone else's expense.
Obama is going to marshal all of his forces and figure out a way to get his supporters 50 cents to buy a condom or a birth control pill. Hobby Lobby won't pay for it for them.
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