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Obama's constant statements that we are "negotiation" with Iran, now 6 years, while they continue to develop nuclear capability is not believable. An agreement could be reached in a few days if they were agreeable. Obama wants Iran to have nuclear weapons because he hates Israel.
We used to hear about totalitarian countries where the administration spies on its own citizens and uses subterfuge to attack them. Scary situation. Now under Obama and Holder we have it here.
Obama has been "deeply concerned" and "outraged" by lots of things according to the press.but then you never hear another word.
The Progressive Wing of the Democratic Party has been in control of the economy the last 6 years since Obama was elected. How is that working out?????
Warren is another Harvard Democrat who thinks that we can just continue to give away free stuff in return for votes and spend more than we take in forever.
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Now Greeks Should Dump the Euro

Derek85 Wrote: Jan 27, 2015 10:17 AM
You cannot spend more money than you earn, and continue to do that forever. Why is this impossible for Democrats and Greeks to understand???
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Polls: Obama Approval Rating Rebounding?

Derek85 Wrote: Jan 20, 2015 5:27 PM
Obama is overwhelmingly supported by the Bottom Half and the Bottom Half did not work their way to the bottom by accident, they used their intelligence, work ethic, and knowledge of current events. Obama's only large growth program has been Food Stamps. His greatest talent is his talent to be black.
Obama will push another 100,000 Democrats into the Republican Party tonight.
SONY is Japanese owned and very defensive of its sterling reputation. They would never willingly make a comedy about the assassination of a living government head located so close to Japan and possibly incite retaliation. Obama hacked SONY and forced them to release the movie on Christmas Day.
Michael Moore is a direct result of Michele Obama's dietary restrictions.
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Highlights of Obama plan to tax wealthy

Derek85 Wrote: Jan 19, 2015 5:27 PM
Obama realizes that if it wasn't for all the set-aside grants and scholarships, and no-show classes and paper degrees, and public assistance he received, he "would be bringing someone coffee." He is very jealous of people who have become successful on their own and misses no opportunity to try to attack them.
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