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You can tell that "Global Warming" is dead, buried, and over by the fact that even its one time strongest supporters are embarrassed to use the term. All of their projections and dire warnings proved wrong. Now they are trying to morph it into something else: Climate Change. The climate has always been changing for millions of years and will continue to change for millions more.
Obama is a follower of Rev. Wright. I saw recordings of three of Rev. Wright's sermons and he never mentioned God. I think the best description of Obama's Religion is that he is Racist.
Wasserman Schultz is in desperate need of 8 high strength Motrin.
Wasserrman Schultz is the poster girl for PMS.
Obama can’ say “I Love America” or “Islamic Terrorist” or “Approve the Keystone Pipeline” without crapping his pants.
Brian Williams is ordered by the NBC hierarchy to go on TV every night and report what a great job Obama is doing ........ but now they are upset over a helicopter story ?????
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Obama's Failed Presidency

Derek85 Wrote: Feb 08, 2015 8:27 PM
The only one who does not realize Obama's presidency is a huge failure is Obama.
NBC definitely needs to cut out news and commentary and go strictly with football games.
Brian Williams took a three day leave of absence from NBC to drive the Russians out of the Ukraine. He will be back on Thursday.
Obama's constant statements that we are "negotiation" with Iran, now 6 years, while they continue to develop nuclear capability is not believable. An agreement could be reached in a few days if they were agreeable. Obama wants Iran to have nuclear weapons because he hates Israel.
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