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Guns Don't Kill People, the Mentally Ill Do

deprogramming services Wrote: Jan 17, 2013 12:19 PM
I haven't done the research, but I have a feeling that more people are killed in arson fires than with assault-style rifles. But no attempt is being made to make it harder to get matches, gasoline, cigarette lighters, etc. Even children have relatively easy access to those things (how many people keep their lawn mower gas can locked up, for example). According to "The Black Book of Arson," the biggest cause of accidental death by fire is careless smoking (usually alcohol is involved). I wonder how those numbers compare to the number of mass killings with so-called assault weapons. And there is no Constitutional right to get drunk and smoke.

Seung-Hui Cho, who committed the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007, had been diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder as a child and placed under treatment.

But Virginia Tech was prohibited from being told about Cho's mental health problems because of federal privacy laws.

At college, Cho engaged in behavior even more bizarre than the average college student. He stalked three women and, at one point, went totally silent, refusing to speak even to his roommates. He was involuntarily committed to a mental institution for one night and then unaccountably unleashed on the public, whereupon he proceeded to engage in...