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Liberal Racism

deprogramming services Wrote: May 04, 2014 10:14 AM
It's ok to be racist if you vote liberal and the racism is anti-white. For example: So-called affirmative action is government-mandated race discrimination against the evil white male. It's racial discrimination that it's promoters claim is for a good purpose, but it's still discrimination base on race. So the perpetrators can not claim to not be racist, they can only claim that racism is ok when it's politically correct racism. Over 70% of Hispanics voted for Obama, and we're told they voted that way because they were led to believe that Obama was better for their race (using the word race in a broad and common though technically incorrect manner). So they put their race ahead of their country. If evil white devils voted race first and country second they would be labeled thought criminals.
This memo was recently discovered by one of our undercover ops at the DNC (Dupes Nurturing Communism): In our war to destroy the American Republic and replace it with a socialist utopia, the current strategy, Obediently Betray America and Mask your Agenda (OBAMA), is being carried out by a number of heroes dedicated to our cause. One of special note is code-named Proxy of Extreme Leftists Ordering Serfdom for the Individual (PELOSI). PELOSI has been somewhat clumsy, but still effective. This hero leads an army of indoctrinated dupes, code-named Lazy Imbeciles Bringing an End Righteously to American Law Shamelessly (LIBERALS). LIBERALS are controlled by a program carried out by heroes in the press, called Information Denied Intentionally for Obedience to Tyranny (IDIOT). The useful IDIOT program has had much success in keeping the herd of LIBERALS in line.
When troublemakers are culled out of the press the result will be creeping tyranny. That is also the cause.
The most surprising thing about this is that anyone would be surprised by it. This is the same network that just announced the replacement of the liberal propagandist David Letterman with an even more bigoted liberal. This is what's known as progressivism: expand the war on America one step at a time. If this reporter is a good investigative journalist, why did it take something like this for her to see that newsworthiness on her network is determined by the propaganda effect any piece of information has? This has been going on for a very long time.
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Facts and Factions

deprogramming services Wrote: Mar 19, 2014 12:23 PM
I agree with much of your post, though some of it is more for the states to decide. Instead of restoring certain rights (among which I would include the10th Amendment), how about a Constitutional Amendment that says this: Interpretation of the Constitution shall be based in the original intent of its authors. Any judge basing an interpretation on any other criteria shall be removed from the judiciary, and serve no less than 20 years in a federal prison. That amendment would allow your shorter and still accomplish the same ends.
Those here illegally should be expatriated immediately, and the politicians who betrayed their country by letting them stay here should be hanging from lamp posts.
Illegals shouldn't even be here in the first place.
They must all be racists. As penance for the thoughtcrime of racism, everyone who voted against helping these poor victims should be required to give $100 to the Communist Party (or its proxy the DNC), and say ten Hail Obamas.
Support for the 2nd Amendment has been very good for the Republican Party; so much so that if the issue didn't exist the Republican Party would be far less viable, and might not even exist any more. So why is it they nominate one anti-gun politician after another for President? Both Bushes were anti-gun, McCain and Romney were anti-gun, and now the hard core anti-gun Christie is being heavily promoted. This makes no sense. Are the Republicans a party of fools who think kowtowing to the liberal press will get them elected? I know all Republicans claim to be pro 2nd Amendment. But even Bill and Hillary and Obama claim that. As the Bible says, by their fruits ye shall know them. Will the Republicans ever give us a true patriot to vote for, or will they just keep waving muskets around and pretending?
The liberal press sold gun control as ruthlessly as it sold Obama, but in the case of gun control it failed. It failed miserably in fact: that army of liars suffered a humiliating defeat. But it was successful in getting Obama elected. Twice. Support and pretended support for the 2nd Amendment has been very good for the Republicans. Without the issue of gun control there would be fewer Republicans in power. So why is it they nominate one anti-gun candidate after another for President? Both Bushes were anti-gun, McCain and Romney were anti-gun, and now Christie is being promoted, and he's anti-gun too. This makes no sense. If the Republicans want to take the White House, I suggest they talk to the ones with a proven record of defeating the liberal press.
A win for the NRA is a loss for the big lie machine called the liberal press. This is a win for America. For those who don't know, NRA stands for Never Relinquish America.
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