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Even under both Bushes this agency was essentially a criminal gang.
ATF stands for Agency for the Termination of Freedom
As the saying goes, a fish rots from the down.
If nothing comes of this it will suggest to me that the Democrats have some dirt on the Republican leadership. There is little doubt that this operative was engaging in illegal political warfare tactics. Polwar tactics are common among liberal operatives, especially in the era of Obama, but usually they're more careful to avoid breaking the law, or at least to not get caught. There is little doubt that Obama his his finger prints all over this. The problem will be proving it. If this operative goes down, maybe she'll bring her boss down with her. Not likely though, since she would probably rather remain alive.
War in Crimea conjures up images of the Charge of the Light Brigade, because that massive screw-up took place during a war there. The screw-up got a lot of good men killed because of incompetent leadership. This should be kept in mind when thinking about any military action anywhere with the Commander-in-Chief we now have.
The arch traitor Obama is showing that his remaining time in office will be spent on a sustained and ruthless attack on the Republic, from every conceivable angle. The overwhelming majority of Democrats in both Houses will support this assault; this is especially true of the leadership. For these reasons bringing the traitor Obama to justice for crimes he already committed should be a top priority among patriots. As the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense. Sorry to see that isn't being done, though some are making attempts toward that end. Taking control the Senate will do much to stop Obama's aggression, and should be a high priority among all patriots. This will only help though if those who take control of the Senate are not the kind of wimps that now lead the House. Patriots should keep this in mind during the nomination process.
This guy was not nominated in spite of his anti-freedom bigotry, but because of it.
It seems like real journalists end up at FOX eventually.
The liberal press being a big lie machine that levies propaganda war on the Republic is news my friend, and should be treated as such.
Now let's hope those same citizens learn decide to defend themselves and their communities from the criminal gang that holds political power by voting for loyal Americans.
More people have been enslaved and murdered because of class warfare than racism. So why doesn't Wolf Blitzkrieg point out every time a liberal bigot says something about the evil greedy rich. Or how about evil white male propaganda: does Mr. Blitzkrieg point it out when liberal bigots say things that can be interpreted in that way? This piece of trash is not a reporter or a newsman; he is a propagandist, and nothing more.
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