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Bill Requiring Background Checks on Ammo Purchases to be Introduced

deprogramming services Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 10:05 AM
The leadership of the liberal cult knows full well that gun control is nothing but a big lie, and that it costs lives rather than saving them; since they are not stupid and they have access to the truth they can not possibly not know this. The dupes, who make up the rank and file of the liberal cult, do think (or more accurately, feel) that gun control will save lives, because they believe whatever their thought masters tell them. So to answer your original question Marc, is this rgama part of the leadership or one of their dupes? I would guess most likely the latter.

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal has plans to introduce a bill that if passed would require background checks on ammunition purchases. It's called the Ammunition Background Check Act and late yesterday Blumenthal took to Twitter to explain his position by posting the following graphics.

"Ammo sales need same instant background checks as guns. I'm introducing the Ammunition Background Check Act," Blumenthal wrote.