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Andrea Mitchell Corrects Guest Who Called Herself "Pro-Life": "Anti-Abortion Is More Value-Neutral"

deprogramming services Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 11:13 AM
I agree with Andrea here, kind of anyway: anti-abortion is a more accurate term, and so is pro-abortion. The word "choice" is a slogan and a lie, because what it really means is that one person can choose to kill another. People who support the right to bear arms could call ourselves pro-choice on the issue but we don't; we call ourselves pro-gun and pro-gun rights, etc., because we are not ashamed about our position and see no need to lie about it. Some people don't know that the word CHOICE is actually an acronym: Child Homicide Officially Institutionalized with Creative Euphemisms

My (rhetorical) question is this: Why would a pro-abortion--or, "pro-choice" if you're looking for something more value neutral--advocate like Andrea Mitchell want the issue of life and death to be "value-neutral"?

Here's a little nugget I came across today from Pastor John MacArthur: "They keep saying, 'A school is supposed to be a safe place!' Yeah well so is a womb."