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Lie, Cheat, Steal: Save the Planet!

Deornwulf Wrote: Apr 25, 2012 12:49 PM
...and while we shutter all coal plants in the United States to waste our resources on the failed not-green technology known as wind energy, our number one import to China is the coal we are no longer burning in our plants...plants which burn coal far cleaner than any in the world. Clean burning coal is far more of a reality than the alleged green wind energy. Burning coal kills fewer endangered birds than windmills in America.

Speaking of lies and the liars that spread them: In light of yesterday's column on the cottage industry of global warming hysteria and the slant they give the day's news, I got a nice email from the people at the Heartland Institute reminding me of the theft and alteration of documents from Heartland by hysterical warming apologist Professor Peter Gleick, a supposed ethics expert with the Pacific Institute.

I first covered the story as it was occuring in February, when Heartland reported the theft. Sinced then Heartland has published a list of websites and periodicals that abetted Gleick. I have have appended that list at the...