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The Lord of the Flies Administration

Deornwulf Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 11:12 AM
How dare you impugn the honor of our Dear Leader with your innuendo! He is not an Italian Socialist nor has he ever read an Italian newspaper. Our Dear Leader is an honorable American who only reads patriotic newspapers like the New York Times or Boston Globe. Comrade Obama’s campaign slogan of “Forward” is that of a great man who will insure America makes a Great Leap Forward into becoming a model member of the United Nations. I am confident that once Our Dear Leader is reelected that he will even invite 100 of his most vocal critics to speak with him in the Rose Garden as a campaign to bring collective silence to their complaints. With this Great Leap Forward, we will move on as a united collective!
Every time a group comes up with the "greatest defense," someone else develops a way to defeat it. Walls and fences will not work and would be a waste of money and lives. Looking at what is causing humans to be willing to risk so much by entering another country illegally to work is the only solution.
When has the Obama administration ever uttered something that was not disturbing?
My other solution, if nobody likes the capitalist solution of selling green cards is to simply annex Mexico and be done with it.
Statists on the left and the right do not want a solution to illegal immigration as they both profit from the issue being unresolved. Nationalists and Racists who think we can actually block immigration with fences and walls are fools ignorant of the migratory history of the world. Removing the reasons for the illegal immigration by both fixing our byzantine broken immigration system and doing more to stamp out the causes of migration in the first place is the only way to solve the problem. ...Of course, Obama's current solution to reduce illegal immigration by wrecking the US economy needs to be off the table...
Building a wall worked so well for East Germany and Russia.... I am not a supporter of illegal immigration. I support changing things to make immigration simple and a sure thing for those who want to come to America to WORK. My solution is simple. Allow one to purchase a Resident Alien Card at the border for $10,000, after submitting to a week long background check, screening for diseases, and giving of a DNA Sample, fingerprints, voice print, and photograph. Automated gun turrets, fences, razor wire, and other such nonsense will not stop the determined.
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Glee Celebrates the 'T'

Deornwulf Wrote: Apr 27, 2012 10:28 AM
One point - There are individuals who are genetically born the wrong gender. Gender reassignment based on genetic evidence that the individual is expressing the wrong gender characteristics is something that should be perfectly acceptable. There are also cases of individuals who genetically express traits of both genders. Once again, gender reassignment should be a perfectly acceptable option. That being said, there is as much need for celebrating gender reassignment as there would be the prescription of an inhaler for asthma...NONE. Gender reassignment is a medical procedure, nothing more. It is not something that needs to be glorified or even encouraged as the situations in which it is truly necessary are very rare.
Your solution costs money. My solution makes money employees the very embodiment of the American Way - Capitalism. A true Capitalist and Conservative would have no problem with open borders....along with documentation and payment.
Very simple solution to Illegal Immigration in America Sell Green Cards allowing an unlimited stay for $10,000 apiece at the border after the applicant submits to a week long background check, is screened for diseases, and gives a DNA sample, fingerprints, voice print, and retinal scan. A social security card will also be issued with the understanding that full SS benefits will only be granted when American citizenship status is achieved. Prospective employers would be allowed to sponsor workers and pay the fee. For those showing financial need, a payment plan involving wage garnishment can be made. This simple solution would end the problem and net the United States government at least a trillion dollars.
Check the party affiliation and voting records of the following Democrats and get back to me... Orval Fabus Benjamin Travis LaneyJohn StennisJames Eastland Allen Ellender Russell Long John Sparkman John McClellan Richard Russell Herman Talmadge George Wallace Lester Maddox John Rarick Robert Byrd Al Gore, Sr. Bull ConnorIn
Voting Record for the Civil Rights Act House of Representatives: Democrats for: 152 Democrats against: 96 Republicans for: 138 Republicans against: 34 Senate: Democrats for: 46 Democrats against: 21 Republicans for: 27 Republicans against: 6 Hardly an endorsement for the Democrats being united in striving to abolish segregation and definitely no indictment indicating that Republicans were against abolishing segregation. Of course, you will continue to wonder while ignoring the facts.
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