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No it isn't! Jtheb is a teacher, the avowed enemy of the GOP. According to the GOP Dogma, all teachers are leaches and need to be fired and allowed to die a painful death. There is nothing positive any school teacher can ever do in any classroom in America. That is what I have learned from Kyle Olsen.
Thank you for illustrating my point. Your continued support of the Democrat Party and Barack Obama is noted and appreciated. Please be sure to forward your views to any Republican Candidate you know to insure his or her defeat at the ballot box.
On behalf of David Axelrod and the Democratic Party, I'd like to thank Kyle Olson for continuing his good work on insuring that America's teachers continue to vote Democrat. Without his demonization of all teachers involved in public education, those teachers might stop tuning out any meaningful messages coming from other candidates. Of course, thanks to the GOP and it's education platform, we have already been able to convince teachers that the first thing the Republicans would do in office is fire every teacher and let them starve in the street. So, once again, thanks Kyle for all the work you do to get out the Democrat Vote!
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Never Despair

Deornwulf Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 1:32 PM
Sorry, Tim, you can't stop stupid. The best bet is to look after your own interests at the expense of everyone else.
Who are you talking about? Barack Hussein Obama hates people. Just ask any of his aides and former advisors. He is a distant cold fish, a narcissist to the core. He just wants to be the first King of America. Just wait for it, there will be serious talk of repealing the 22nd Amendment, very soon.
You are wrong if you think King Obama is not going to involve himself in foreign affairs. He will engage in any and all social engineering that increases his power, regardless of national borders. America has elected a King. The Republic is at an end. There will be no further real elections, just pretend ones.
Kyle, nobody really gives a flip anymore. It's game over so stop screaming in your shrill little girly voice about what this educational group or that educational group is doing in America. There is no more America to care about. Your obsessive concern with petty issues is one of the reasons that led to the re-election of a failed president. You don't stop to fix an oil leak in the motor when the boat is on fire.
I don't care why teachers are making a fuss, any true conservative would make a fuss over an amendment that puts taxpayer dollars under the control of unelected officials with the side deficit of adding more bureaucracy to state government.
I'm sorry, Kyle, but this dog won't hunt. The amendment is poorly worded and should be defeated. The only purpose for the amendment is to allow non-elected individuals at the state level to approve charter schools after being bought by the for-profit corporations behind the charter. For-profit charter schools do no better at educating students than public schools as shown by test results. I do not understand why Kyle Olson or any other true conservative on this site would approve of anything that increases the power of centralized government and takes power out of the hands of the locals. Any solutions to fix public schools must come from changes made at the local level by local school boards. BTW, there are no unions in Georgia.
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The Lord of the Flies Administration

Deornwulf Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 11:12 AM
How dare you impugn the honor of our Dear Leader with your innuendo! He is not an Italian Socialist nor has he ever read an Italian newspaper. Our Dear Leader is an honorable American who only reads patriotic newspapers like the New York Times or Boston Globe. Comrade Obama’s campaign slogan of “Forward” is that of a great man who will insure America makes a Great Leap Forward into becoming a model member of the United Nations. I am confident that once Our Dear Leader is reelected that he will even invite 100 of his most vocal critics to speak with him in the Rose Garden as a campaign to bring collective silence to their complaints. With this Great Leap Forward, we will move on as a united collective!
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