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On Roe v. Wade

Denny9 Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 7:11 AM
The same appeasement policy was the forerunner of increased evil in the world, not less. By the way, circular logic - the statement assumes its own truth - is illogical. See statement number two above.

On this fortieth anniversary, let's pray: For the more than 55,000,000 lives that have been snuffed out by abortion, for the women (and men) who have suffered emotional or psychological trauma as a result of abortion, for those who heal and comfort them, for those who help women choose life, and even for those who think that having a "right" to end the lives of unborn children is something to celebrate.

There are circumstances where abortion may be a sad necessity or justifiable (life of the mother, rape, incest).  But it's hard to see how anyone can feel...