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From where do atheists earn their money? Oh, right, primarily Christians who comprise about 80% of the general population.
Obozo is the leader of a national socialist state ruled by Empress Jarrett. Any Democrat that condones this usurpation of power needs to be defeated.
Piece of mind....lmao. How about peace of mind? And these imbeciles get millions from a no-bid contract to create a website because Mooshelle's BFF is vice-president of the Canadian firm. Do you wonder why the Obozos' net worth has jumped by $10 million in the last five years?
Jesus' physical incarnation was a Semite, one of the branches of the Caucasian racial classification. Semite skin tones vary from dark brown to white but they are never black.
2013 Lie of the Year Co-Winners: Obozo and Hitlary Benghazi was a spontaneous protest over an internet video.
Just another progressive harridan who lies. Your Louisiana Purchase backfired. Enjoy your last year in office.
The launder scheme: Taxpayer money to fund Planned Parenthood. Campaign contributions to progressives. More money to fund Planned Parenthood. Larger campaign contributions to progressives. The cycle never ends for state-sponsored genocide.
Merry Christmas America from your national socialist government. Here is your cancellation letter from your insurance company mandated by the government to protect you from your substandard policy. Do not be alarmed. The government will text you on your Obozophone when foreign doctors are available for your first primary care examination in 2017. Footnote: The national socialist government assumes Americans have access to the internet for healthcare cards but a voter ID card disenfranchises the same people.
After the GOP regains the Senate in 2014 and increases its majority in the House, will some moderate Democrats abandon the national socialist party? Will the legislature become veto proof? Will laws be enacted to countermand Obozo's executive fiats? Will the Propaganda Ministry abandon its surrogate president? Will Raul Castro offer Obozo a job as the Cuban healthcare czar?
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A Misbegotten and Shameful Handshake

Denny9 Wrote: Dec 11, 2013 7:26 AM
Good one!
Any budget deal needs to begin with a ten-year law for a balanced budget pending a balanced budget amendment. Any excess revenue must be used to retire debt based on highest interest rate first.
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