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The Company Sen. Sleaze-Bob Menendez Keeps

Denny0103 Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 8:09 AM
The Femocrats shriek loudly when someone suggests that perhaps $10/month for contraception should be a personal responsibility and not an addtiotional burden of the ever-shrinking taxpayer pool. They squawk when someone suggests the immorality and human rights abuse that is the practice of suctioning out the brains of viable 7 month old babies. They moan and wail if a (democrat) women in a power position (Clinton, Rice) is questioned directly on their performance. When real harm is perpretrated on women worldwide and at home - silence is the path - their biases and hypocritical allegiences cannot withstand the spotlight of truth. There are no dancing vaginas for issues that are truly vital, not only for women, but for the nation.
NewJAl Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 8:18 AM
It is just another Demographic, to be used by Obama and his, and really, 'useful idiots', who have been inspired to fear Republicans, as boogymen' ready to take away their rights. A construct entirely from the Leftist liars, as facts would reveal, but if you should a lie long enough, it becomes part of the dialogue. Women, thanks to policy, need to be in the workforce. They are in the food-stamp lines, instead.
Thanks to Democratic policy, over the last 4 years. No more blaming Bush. Our economy is contracting, while Democratic leadership talks the opposite, or about anything to distract.
Democratic women should feel very used and abused.
Put on your shocked faces: Since my bipartisan call last week for Democratic women to join the Ladies Against Senator Sleaze-Bob movement, not a single Democratic woman in Washington has signed up. Here's the thing. The brewing scandal involving N.J. Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez, the new chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is not just a "sex scandal." It's a crony corruption scandal of sordid, soap operatic proportions.

Maybe if Menendez were a contestant on "The Bachelor," he'd finally command more widespread female attention. For their part, the Democratic women on Capitol Hill seem as uninterested in the alleged exploitation of...