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If a Pacifistic Buddhists is offended and/or conscientiously against catering flower arrangements to a pro war rally then he/she shouldn't be made too and I feel the same way toward Vegan Wiccans and Muslims even though I'm not a member. There is scripture somewhere in the new testament that cautions Christian meat eaters not to eat meat in front of non-meat eaters or try to coerce non-meat eaters into eating meat. This is consider violating the conscientious. I believe the writer was the Apostle Paul. This appears to be another example of the government bending over backwards (and being ridiculous) to be fair to everybody no matter what the circumstances are. The hard truth is you can't be fair to everyone all the time.
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One Man's Hitler Fascination

Dennis Michael Wrote: May 30, 2013 8:36 PM
There are a number of points that can be taken from Mr. Bozell's article. 1. In our youth most of us have done stupid things and believed in totally wrong thinking. 2. Over time a person's thinking and behavior can change for good or bad. 3. We should reserved our judgements on persons, places, and events until we learn more. 4. Even though JFK was a Democrat and probably would not allowed a black man to marry his daughter he promoted black civil rights by enforcing the law(s). 5. What one does now is more important than what one has done in the past.
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Even If Your Child Is Gay...

Dennis Michael Wrote: Apr 10, 2013 3:15 AM
If you read the whole Bible you will not find one scripture that says it is a sin to be Jew, black, brown, red, yellow, white, man, woman, physically handicapped, or slow, but you will find scriptures that say it is a sin to be a practicing homosexual.
If one is a Christian (and I am a Christian) the difference is obvious. Nowhere in the Bible does it say it is a sin to be Irish or Italian, black or white, tall or short, rich or poor, man or woman, and or smart or slow, but it does say it is a sin to be a practicing homosexual. Acceptance can be another word for condoning. God does not sin condone and He does not expects us too either..
What is it all about? It is being afraid of accepting the truth or knowing how to deal with it and afraid of being on the wrong side of history. It is also about politicians and editorialists being afraid of being on the wrong side of history. No decent person wants to be thought of as a hater, bigot, or narrow minded hard A. Unfortunately, the gay movement is gaining momentum and acceptance. Losing their approval means politicians losing their votes and their supporters votes. It is going to take the wisdom, courage and the words of a Biblical prophet to stand up to this evil movement.
Where does it say in the Bible, "that a nation is cursed that sends it's women to war"? I have been reading the Bible for twenty years and I don't remember seeing that scripture.
I am not disagreeing with what you say, but could you please tell us where you got this information? I would like to read up on it.
You may have a point about controlling the masses, however the major point is eliminating the most accessible and the most dangerous weapons. For most people (this includes nuts and evil doers) it is much easier to buy a gun, point it at someone, pull the trigger and do a lot of damage. Most people don't get or wouldn't the same instant gratification from using spears, knives, and swords. Spears, knives, and swords require more time, strength, and skill to use than guns. Also, they require that you be closer to your victims than guns do. Guns do not require you to be six four and 200 pounds to employ them. A 12 year old with a gun can do a lot of pain.
There are a couple points to consider of the second amendment to support the argument that the ordinary John and Mary can carry a gun. Back in colonial times America was basically an agricultural society. There were no Frys-Kroger or Save-Ways to buy food or large cattle yards. If you wanted some meat for dinner you had to go out and shoot it. Also some of the Americans lived in or were near Indian territory and felt threaten by them. I am sure the Indians felt the way. No doubt the Founding Fathers knew all this and more and is why they wrote the Second Amendment the way they did. Ideally, it would be better if there were no guns around anywhere then the bad guys couldn't get them, but we don't live in an ideal society.
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Hollywood Won 2012?

Dennis Michael Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 1:07 AM
There have been gay people from the very beginning of mankind, are there always will be. There has also been liars, fornicators, thieves, murders, and drunks. Should we be also be happy and accepting of these as well?
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