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Forward: A Look Ahead to the DNC

Dennis in NH Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 6:47 AM
As I've said before, if Fluke demands that we pay for her pills, then she should be treated as public property, to be used by anyone who wants her. Much like the public parks. I wonder if the opening act will feature the "Prancing P**ssy's" Perhaps all the dead voters will show up. Will the poor downtrodden people need a Photo ID to get thru the door. Will Cris Matthews stand up to show the world what is now running down his leg Instead of "FORWARD" how about " FREE PILLS not FREE WILL "

The Republican convention has ended, and it was a rousing success. We know this because of the amount of venom spewed on MSNBC. On the Chris Matthews Flying-Spittle Meter, it rated at least an 11 out of 10.

In a desperate attempt to distract from the positive vibe coming from Republicans in Tampa, Matthews, who I’m convinced is Charlie Brown and Lucy Van Pelt’s illegitimate child, went from having a “thrill” running up his leg four years ago to having something running down it last week.

He, Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz and Al Sharpton flung the race card...