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From the deputy sheriff " When seconds count we are only minutes away"
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Walker, Indiana Ranger

Dennis in NH Wrote: Jul 23, 2013 7:39 PM
Quoted by a sheriff deputy, " When seconds count, we're only minutes away."
Close Gitmo now! Release the prisoners! Transport them halfway across the Atlantic, and throw them overboard for the mooslims to pick up and transport them back. To the people who insist that they be released, WE RELEASED THEM.
Here is a very simple solution. If I were s the IRS Commissioner I would simply have her paycheck hand delivered to me. I would then place it in my top desk drawer. I would also suspend all her medical benefits until she agrees to truthfully testify to Congress. WHAT, you can't do that! Well yes I can, the checks are right here in my desk drawer. The UNION will sue you. Really, I bet my legal team ( the federal government ) can stall your legal proceedings for maybe a thousand years. Well then the UNION will go on STRIKE. Great, not many people will feel much sympathy with your strike, I am an appointed position, subject only to the President. If barack doesn't like this he can PUBLICLY fire me. In the mean time any striker who does not return to work within three days will be terminated. ( See Regan, Ronald air traffic controllers ) The idea of no IRS for a few weeks will not bother many people. I will only rehire the first one third of strikers to return to work. Every one else can spend the next thousand years in a lawsuit. I wonder if MS. Learner will now testify.
ME TOO !!! Just as long as it is not you, you lying, sagging, gasbag.
you have that right!!! In my little corner of New Hampshire we call them "MASSHOLES" They are infesting the state. Where is the INS or Border Patrol
Horrible customer service.......... You GD a hole. I am not your "customer" If I were a customer I would not put up with your arrogance, attitude, tactics and would not do business with you. I am instead an unwilling captive, watching my tax dollars be p**sed away on stupid unworkable programs, salaries paid to jerks like you, who "KNOW NOYHING, IT MUST HAVE HAPPENED WHEN I WAS IN THE BATHROOM " and then giving bonuses and promotions for your "outstanding performance" DO your kids laugh at you behind your back
Has anyone noticed that when a terror bombing occurs, it happened because the bomber felt he was an outsider, abused, mocked, was making a political statement or was just mentally F U ? Where is the ban the bomb crowd? If the same a-hole used a gun, it is the fault of the gun, magazine capacity, not enough background checks or failed gun registration laws. I have not seen anyone demand the all bombs be registered.
I agree, except for one point that seems to be missing from all discussion. Healthcare was never the issue, health insurance was the only issue. Why does medicare allow health providers to use the Chargemaster? Why can't medicare bargain for drug prices? Why can't the tort system be changed to looser pays? Why didn't we just buy a catastrophic insurance policy for those who wanted it? Quick answer---Put enough monkeys in a missile silo and something bad will happen. This is our gubberment at work
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Junk Laws

Dennis in NH Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 11:06 PM
"Congress is like a baby's diaper, It should be changed often, and for the same reasons." Mark Twain
According to most liberal thought, these evil guns just walked their way to the school and opened fire. Therefore the solution is to ban guns. Every year more people are killed and injured in traffic accidents, so the automobile is at fault. We should ban all automobiles, INSTEAD, we ticket and prosecute the operators. Why are operators of vehicles held liable and cars are not banned, the operator of the firearm should be held liable, not the firearm,
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