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This FOOL was TOO BUSY to attend the Paris march. The NFL playoffs were on and as we all know this was much more important than any thing else happening in the world. What a F****ing Jerk
Waste, Fraud and Abuse are necessary for the proper operation of government. For as long as I can remember EVERY politician has vowed to eliminate W F A. " I will pay for this program by eliminating W F A from that program starting AFTER my new program is passed" Maybe thinking outside the box would work. For example, let dept. managers identify the W F A , Eliminate the personal and programs, and KEEP the ONE YEAR savings, retire immediately with full pension and a plaque. We could possibly get rid of the Agriculture, Education, Labor, and Commerce Dept.
No one has yet commented on this scenario: Person A has worked at this company for 5 years. He started at $ 7.00 min. wage and as his skills increased so did his hourly pay.He now makes $ 15.00 per hour. Person B is a new hire, with low skills and needs training. He starts at the new $15.00 per hour wage. The boss asks person A to train person B. Person A wants a wage increase of $8.00 per hour. What will the boss do. 1) Increase person A to $23.00 2) Tell A to take a hike 3) Cut all workers hours by 40% 4)Tell person B we have no openings at this time
Sen. Hagan won't appear in public with Obama. SO WHAT. Neither will Moochelle.
I totally agree that the name "Washington Redskins" is in fact derogatory and demeaning. The team should be ashamed of their name. They should just call themselves REDSKINS
WTF The law says all young people MUST buy the insurance or face penalties. WTF The law says all young people CAN stay on their parents insurance until age 25. WTF The HIPPA law forbids healthcare providers from disclosing your medical info WITHOUT your written permission. WTF The obammycare act says the secretary will share your medical info with the IRS, Social Security, Homeland security and any other agency that the Secretary may designate. The extreme liberals demand late term abortions, this would be a good candidate for an abortion
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Dennis in NH Wrote: Sep 04, 2013 8:48 AM
We have a Black Congressional Caucus where there are no Whites or Conservatives Why do we tolerate this.
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