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"What Unmitigated Gall For These Men To Attack...Susan Rice"

dennisharry Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 11:38 AM
i welcome your comments, barak "won", hugo chavez "won", but why, like Charles the pretender, by fraud, and these ladies, and men too are guilty, those "close" elections that always go the other way, where people voted mutiple times, why, why aren't people talking about this, i didn't vote, because my vote really doesnt count when people openly voted twice/more times, when computer voting can be altered, one democrat , his vote we3nt against him, headline news, hundreds/thousand for romenyy, no news/refuse to let them change their vote; ac/dc at work, kike the highway co9nstruction signs, your money at work, his work, ac/dc up to no good remember 10,175!!!