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Russia: General Kuzheyev Not Killed in Syria

dennisharry Wrote: Aug 12, 2012 12:49 PM
To understand Syria please read Daniel 11:v. especially verses 40-45... Egypt, Libya cakewalk, and so is Syria, Ha, you mistaken you are wrong, Iran Shiites, Syrian Copts, makes perfect sense to me, Gods' handiwork at hand, i not too smart, but the Bible is my guide, it says not so fast(actually not at al,l after Egypt, Syrian decable)... Prophecy come true, if Shiite, Christian alliance,so be it. Gods; work at hand, will response all reasonable comments, respectfully, denny...

Russia: Update. A Russian general went on TV to prove that he was not dead in Syria, as the Syrian opposition claimed. The problem is that the spelling of the general's name did not match the spelling of the general the Syrian opposition claim to have killed.

Part of the problem is the transliteration between Arabic and Cyrillic. The guy who claimed he was not dead admitted that he had been in Syria and served as an advisor to the al Asad Defense Ministry.

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