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To understand Syria please read Daniel 11:v. especially verses 40-45... Egypt, Libya cakewalk, and so is Syria, Ha, you mistaken you are wrong, Iran Shiites, Syrian Copts, makes perfect sense to me, Gods' handiwork at hand, i not too smart, but the Bible is my guide, it says not so fast(actually not at al,l after Egypt, Syrian decable)... Prophecy come true, if Shiite, Christian alliance,so be it. Gods; work at hand, will response all reasonable comments, respectfully, denny...
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Britain's NHS Is NSH (Not So Hot)

dennisharry Wrote: Jul 29, 2012 12:38 PM
there is the arguement for nhcare vs. the present system.. Permit me to add one more dimension: it is the attitude of the giver, from what i hear Englands sytem is not too good, perhaps it has an attitude problem, i have personally talked to friends in both Sweden and Canada, they pleased with the service, my dermatologist said the same thing, Sweden good, and Canada too!!! She said Americas system is s----------------, my former Lutheran pastor is very conservative, he wouldn't lie to me, he was very pleased with Canada system, theses are the facts, it okey if you don't agree, i see American system not too adequate, but obut, not care made it worse, time to start over, don't you think, it more an attitude problem vs. libcon???, welcome civ
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Score One for Religious Freedom

dennisharry Wrote: Jul 28, 2012 6:28 PM
smiling faces, they don't tell the truth, there is nothing affordable about ACA; just like the nonsense of the fallen angels' EO against abortion, i talked to friends in Canada and Sweden, their systems the government truly does have its' citizens best interest in mind, they say they care, show me, it just isn't there, they say they care, do they fast, do they sacrifice, show me,or are we going on ac/dcs' highhway to hell??? Who is Holder, who is Obama??? Where did they come from??? Are they human??? Are they cloned??? Are they those characters in Daniel Chapter 11??? Ha to you BO, you fallen angel, "I sorry, you wrong, you mistaken you -------------------
it shouldn't be controversial that the american government should give benefits and not cheat me of social security assistance allowance that i ask for my cancer condition, oh, you can have my gun, would you cheat me of my earned benefits, would you strip me of my Bible too??? I welcome all reasonable comments
I met the enemy, I looked in the mirror; it was me (us)... May i humbly suggest the enemy is within, not without; we have foreign born in the white house who is destroying more American freedoms than any foreign nation could ever possibly do, I suggest we leave Assad alone, or we could be a test site for his inventions, Gadaffi gave up WMD, we thanked him by killing him, we knocked out Mubarak in Egypt and replaced with much worse, if Syria directly threatened America, that'd be different, instead we support rebels, how would we like it if say Russia/China sent in death squads in America??? Think about it!!! I'm not saying Assad is perfect, but he allows Catholics', etc to worship freely, here we have a president who is trying to shut down
How about an American patriot(me)being rudely treated on foreign soil, regards Hillary(hint: 5 months of my social security being purposely held up,I have cancer(my dermatologist, was told she was a lesser being because she is a Filipina), I wish Hillary no ill, isn't she getting what she has dished out, keep stonewalling me, but expect more froggy behavior, not coming from me, but rather others, when the Fruits of The Spirit are not evident, this is what she gets, I pity her..
And: The LORD said to my LORD; sit at my right hand till I make your enemy your footstool; like the Confederate States of America "friendship treaty, South, Angel with drawn sword, North begging for mercy, And with the devious I will show myself shrewd and The LORD created all men for a purpose, some to glorify Me and some for for their utter destruction, and lastly, My Word will not return to Me void, It will accomplish Its' intended purpose, and yes i believe in The Rapture,that does not mean I ascribe to sitting back and being a spectator, rather it means that we Must be froggy when others are froggy, Amen... O, by the way I am a proud Catholic, and not all Catholic are cafeteria Catholics' like Queen Athalia( nancy P, (Puke) pelosi...
or if it bite him in the butt!!!
i have no comment for Lawrence, that pathetic piece of human waste!!! Thanks...
And, read Daniel 11, Egypt, Libya, cakewalk, oops Syria, Barak: "What went wrong." Indeed, what did go wrong!!! Finish, I told my daughter when fighting began in Syria, the Bible says Syria ain't going to be no cake walk!!! I may be a country bumpkin, no gun, just my Bible, you know what it told me, AC/DC, 36 months and it begin to unravel, I sincerely hope Obama is AC/DC, because we are entering the 36 month window, we need brave strong, courageous wo/men who are lions and tigers, who wishes to join me, oh if i have a sudden heart attack, i not afraid, i ready to go, is Bozo & Holdup ready to go Thomas Jefferson style, welcome all comments even from my haters, oh and Catholic bishops are poised to join in shortly, so please stay...
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