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i welcome your comments, barak "won", hugo chavez "won", but why, like Charles the pretender, by fraud, and these ladies, and men too are guilty, those "close" elections that always go the other way, where people voted mutiple times, why, why aren't people talking about this, i didn't vote, because my vote really doesnt count when people openly voted twice/more times, when computer voting can be altered, one democrat , his vote we3nt against him, headline news, hundreds/thousand for romenyy, no news/refuse to let them change their vote; ac/dc at work, kike the highway co9nstruction signs, your money at work, his work, ac/dc up to no good remember 10,175!!!
and while the meat lingered between their teeth, the LORD struck them, there will be a famine in the land, not of food water or bread...I didn't vote out of protest, i had hope-against-hope for an Obama defeat, i also had a sick feeling in my stomach of a rigged election, which proved to be right, is this guy ac/dc, the fallen angel, if he is America Will be destroyed, then ac/dc will be destroyed, in that order,he not an idiot, he is keenly aware that he is destroying America, so sad, so true... Respond, if you wish, even sandra flake and her pink vagina brigade, they have $$$ for condoms but deny me $$$ for my cancer, it okey, God is just...
the intellectually honest like pink vagina girl, sandie flake you ,like that you mean?!?!?
obama would have none of this, neither should we!!! Respectfully, I invite comments!!! Take care, denny...
we need to be very careful: a. The republican party should be vocally pro union, and i mean bread-and-butter industrial unions because unions have done a vast amount of good, i don't mind a wealthy business owner as long as s/he shares the wealth produce by, guess the workers. b. some people say Obama is an inexperienced idiot, yellow flag, red wave caution, Butthag is extremely intelligent,shrewd, decceitful and intrinsicalyt evil, don;t be deceived!!! c.Stand Firm in the Faith, Satan may try to say things like, give them an extra day to vote, or extended voting time, or worse to cancel (try to) citing the harricane, don't let him get away with it!!! John McCain him McCain wantede to cancel the debates because of the "financial crises,
a righteous man who stands down in the face of evil is a polluted well' I have had death threats, i would rather be dead than red, to be despised by the dispecable is as worthy as to be admired by the admirable, i could say more, i sure you get the point, thanks, respectfully, courteous to all, intimidated by none
eric holder, you worthless piece of human cancer
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Circus of the Vagina-gogues

dennisharry Wrote: Sep 09, 2012 10:59 AM
Hull and Oates: Look out boy, she'll eat you up, shes' a man eater... Book of Psalms: She'll eat you up and exclaim, "I see nothing wrong as she wipes ,, off her lips" I kid you not, please read your BIBLE, The Word of God... Fight fire with fire: fight vagina with vagina... Sandra Fluke, the flake... Nancy vagina Pelosi, you don;t speak for this Catholic Christian... Because nobody will die for lack of sex, with some of this vagina you may very well die because of it!!! Nasabot ninyo, kini pag ayo, mein fruend?!?!?
Interesting, I also gave her the same name: lower case letters...
dear acurrie, as a man, ending abortion is more important than the economy, we have a moral problem, not a money problem: I am on your side: I believe when we end abortion the economy will instinctively recover, I will go even further out on a limb, Sandra Flake watching the drought, "I don;t see any problem, as I have one million you know what", confound the idiots with madness dear Lord Jesus Christ!!!
To understand Syria please read Daniel 11:v. especially verses 40-45... Egypt, Libya cakewalk, and so is Syria, Ha, you mistaken you are wrong, Iran Shiites, Syrian Copts, makes perfect sense to me, Gods' handiwork at hand, i not too smart, but the Bible is my guide, it says not so fast(actually not at al,l after Egypt, Syrian decable)... Prophecy come true, if Shiite, Christian alliance,so be it. Gods; work at hand, will response all reasonable comments, respectfully, denny...
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