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For the first time in my life I don't respect the president or the first women!
Fire everyone of the tops IRS people and put them in Jail!
You mean doing the things that he should have been doing all along! When you make min wage with a family you pay no income tax and may get a rebate for kids!
Why would a Muslin attack other Muslim's, get real we all know who Barack Hussein Obama is!
Why are most of the liberal democrat professors total Idiots?
Geraldo , besides being 'Blind and Stupid' you should get on a boat and move to another country! I think think this country is to good for people like you!
The whole point is do we have immigration laws or not! Get the p.o.s pres to do his job!
Keep the military personal, fire All the IRS,VA,EPA,HHS,cooks in the white house and Michel's helpers! Move the WH to Texas and let the illegals move in!
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