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I concur. More than 60% of students now "entering" college require remedial courses - reading, writing, math, etc. - which have become a new revenue stream for colleges and universities. Entire university departments now have grown up around the remedial course program, helping wring finances out of those who can least afford it.
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Dennis502 Wrote: Nov 10, 2014 11:33 PM
Thanks so much for standing strong and for setting a precedent that may begin to change campuses across the nation. God bless...and enjoy the guitar. You deserve it.
Exactly. And few coming out of our educational system today have ever been exposed to, much less taught, the truth of what that "idea" means - why it's so precious and delicate. Many college graduates know little if anything about WWII - how it came to be and how it reshaped the world, for instance. The current movie "America" gives just a glimpse of what has happened in the past 40 years. Progressives are nothing if not tenacious. They gradually took over government and education while the citizenry watched television and played video games. I'm praying Doug is right...but it's going to take a very rare individual to step into the shoes of David...and it's going to take a strong citizenry supporting that individual to clean out the morass of the entrenched bureaucracy...tens of thousands of minions "just doing my job."
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