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Why don't these PINKO idiots get their facts straight. First of all, when they say immigrant, they should put the word ILLEGAL, in front of it. These people are costing them jobs too! Obama, not the Republican Party bailed out Wall Street. Obama's supporters are Big oil, Pharma, GE, Progressive Insurance, Hollywood (the worst of the 1%), the NAACP ALL unions, etc. There are far more billionaires supporting "The One" than supporting the Republicans. These jerks better remember the money they are seeking for a handout is the money WE the responsible paid taxes on.
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More Powerful Than the President

Dennis405 Wrote: Jun 13, 2012 9:53 AM
Attacking a country without Congressional is illegal. The ONE committed an Act of War. A treasonous offense. Get your facts straight. Chuck Norris served his country nobly and probably knows the Constitution better than 95% of Americans. What did you do for this country coward!
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