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Great comparison.
Hey Einstein, where is your sense of humor? Matter of fact, Eastwood brought to the podium, a much needed sense of humor that did not up-stage Romney, but rather, embellished the Romney campaign, me thinks.
I agree, but not to forget David Axelrod whom is another covert Communist, and to learn that Valerie Jarrett is a former Iranian. God only know how many other Muslims and Communists, have infiltrated the White House.
That would be ideal. Ha!!
Keep on dreaming, Einstein!!!
November 6, 2012, not November 8, 2012.
Hey Einstein: You must be a Liberal Moron, basking in the same delussions at your hero that currently takes up space in the White House, but not for long, with his fat, ugly unappreciative side-kick, if you follow.
Understand that there is too much uncontrolled freedom in the U.S. and not sufficient monitoring.
Nobody really cares for gays, in the same manner nobody really cares for whining Blacks and Muslims in the United States. Let's be truthful. Blacks, Muslims, and Gays are an offense to the American way, because they are non-productive and most maintain a Welfare Contract.
You are correct in your assumption that Eastwood would have made a better candidate than Romney, for after all, he is our modern John Wayne and as former mayor of Carmel, California, is quite aware how American politics function, and if elected President, I am sure that he would find ways of getting rid of the inflluence that George Soros wields, currently. Of course, the Moron that currently takes up space in the White House, is in cahoots with Soros, the most treacherous Hungarian/American citizen and ex-NAZI sympathizer.
"DIRTY HARRY" has indeed struck a political nerve nailed into the political coffin of the Moron that professes to be "YOUR" (not mine) POTUS; and Eastwood maintained the force of his message, not with malice towards the invisible ONE, but with humor.
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