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Rasmussen: Ohio Senate Race Becomes a “Toss-Up”

dennis2 Wrote: Oct 09, 2012 4:48 PM
Do the people in Ohio,want 4 more years of the Senate not passing a Budget,or a Mandate to buy insurance?Mandel is New,Give him a chance to see what he can do!Maybe he will be a free-thinker instead of a Party-liner!!

It seems Romney’s post-debate bounce in Ohio also had a discernible effect on the Senate race between Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown and Ohio’s state Treasurer Josh Mandel. In the month leading up to the debate Brown had a steady lead. Immediately after the debate, however, Rasmussen had the race tied at 46 among a survey of likely Ohio voters, moving the race from ‘Safe Democrat’ to ‘Toss-Up’.  Six percent were undecided.

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