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Oh And By The Way Mary...That 300 Million Dollars Your Demanded For Your Vote For Obamacare....Shows you never should have been in charge of Americans Tax Dollar.....Good -By
Democrat Mary Landrieu ...A Party Line Voter, could not think for herself! She Now is No Longer Needed By The Democrats...Maybe The Keystone Pipeline will Come To The Floor Of The Senate Now...Since in her Position She Never would get it to The Floor!! GOOD-BY MARY....Will You Continue to live in D.C.??
“Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.” Another Politicians Garbage...Every Business person and Ever Corportation,should take Hillary To Task For Such A Stupid Comment....Only From A Progressive! Be On The Look-Out For JOBS To Appear Magically!!
How Will Obama Pay For His Executive Amnesty Program? As Ususal, By Avoiding The Rule of Law....Which has been His M.O.,During His Two Terms! Congress has become USELESS To Our American Way Of Life...Due To The Liberals...Controling The Senate!
So where will Obama get the money to give out work permits to 8 million new illegal immigrants? Immigration should to back to ELLIS iSLAND DAYS ....When Immigrants Came here to be Free & Work....But Not At Other Americans Expense! Or To Solve This ON GOING PROBLEM....Just Annex Mexico and Stop The Madness!!
The IRS Saga Continues....More Lies, Conservative Groups Appls Still Pending, E/mails Missing Due To IT Problems......Obamacare Collections Coming In 2015 and The American People Have No Confidence In the IRS At All. Democrats, Understand This Agency cannot handle Collections For Obamacare.....They are Not Reliable For Truth Or Handling The ACA Charge!!
Hasn't Englebrecht put up a $ One Million Dollar reward For Information on this IRS Scandal?
All Government Agences Are Losing Their E/mails........Great! In The EPA's Case I hope They Are Pertaing To Rules & Regulations and Climate Change!! These Agencies are Just Like Their Boss......The Worst In History & OVERREACH!!
W/You....100%, And Vote Twice If You get The Chance!!
Agree......But Statesmen?
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