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NH Poll: Shaheen: 44; Brown: 44

dennis2 Wrote: Feb 01, 2014 12:30 PM
How many R's are needed in the Senate.....To Stop Obama's Agenda? Push to get Republicans into those seats in the Senate and in the next election......start looking for more Conservatives! We can not Play Small-Ball in 2014!
Bloomberg 2.5 Million To Democrats....Not a Word From Maddow On MSNBC,about the Rich on His Part! She will Vilify the Koch Bros,Conservatives....But thats Fair Commentary? Maddow making $7 Million according to MsNBC.......a Year...But still after the Rich Conservatives,But Leaves Democrats alone ..I guess thats Good Money?
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Obamacare Hates Babies

dennis2 Wrote: Jan 04, 2014 1:40 PM
The Little One Is up For grabs....By Insurance Companies,becaues Progressive Democrats have Interfeared with healthcare..no other reason!!
Americans are Issuing An Executive Order....For a BackGround Check On Barack H. Obama.....Immediately! A Pretender Of a President!!
Once again we find our 2nd Amendment Rights being trampled on by A Liberal President! WHY?.....Control of our lives,dictated by Government Overreach! States are slowly taking aways Gun Rights...Little by Little,until one Day the 2nd Amendment is GONE....its called "Creeping Liberalism"! Don't Get Caught Sleeping!
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Gun Confiscation Underway in New York

dennis2 Wrote: Dec 05, 2013 5:04 PM
The Safe Act....Is Only for The Criminals! The Law Abiding....will be the ones to suffer! Gun Confiscation,,,Pure And Simple! Remember in 2014 and 2016...The Progressives Intent is to Disarm All Americans! A Change Must be Made, To protect Our 2Nd Amendment Rights!
Why are all the Media Watchers Hung-up Against Fox News?? Watch all news to make a decision on whats going on in politics!! IF Obama likes Men with Guns,Maybe he will leave all Americans alone with their 2nd Amendment!!
I believe we have a TAKER HERE,,Not a MAKER!! it all fits O to a tee!!
Drew139,, RACE HAS AND ALWAYS will be,, A LIBERAL AND PROGRESSIVE PLOY!! ADDED $6.4 TRILLION DOLLARS To our National Debt,,GREAT HUH!! Unions got the Tax Dollar at GW AND CHRYSLER,,while all the rest got Screwed!! Ckeck the percentage of Whites that voted for Obama,,Racist,NO,,JUST A LIBERAL SOLUTION TO EVERY PROBLEM!! You keep your Freedoms,We gave up OURS for a Mandate in OBAMCARE,,NO THANKS!!
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