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Clinton: Romney's Right, the Economy Isn't "Fixed" -- and Obama Knows It

dennis2 Wrote: Oct 21, 2012 9:45 AM
Slick Willie has it right" Romneys right,the Economy isn't fixed and Obama knows it". So whats the choice,vote for someone that couldn't get it Right in 4 years or vote for someone who "Just Might Get ItRight"?? Your Choice!!

Hard truth-telling from an unlikely source, given his history.  I give you former President Clinton, campaigning in Ohio this afternoon:

Message: Romney's right.  The economy stinks.  Obama recognizes this painful reality, and wants to cry.  Of course, Clinton went on to make his now-familiar "but look at all the terrible 'Republican' policies that got us into this mess" argument, urging Ohioans to give The One some more time.  Obama needs that time, you see, to raise taxes...